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    The cloned played after failed math is one who failed math by clicking wrong answer as first. Otherwise when time ends, it will be random player.


    Why not just including both functionalities: Never let the boss choose a random player as clone, but always choose the one who failed or didn't click at all. If there are multiple ppl who were waiting, choose randomly from those. Should be the best option for everyone and you always see who might be one of the failing ones :/

    We are not dps or cps, guitar/lute doesn't give dmg, it's mostly useless. Lets not forget that.

    Warlocks "3min" have 90s cd. Mages had 2x 3min. That was the difference.

    That’s exactly what makes mages op imo,not being impacted by cast speed/attack speed buffs, they are completely independent of supports. Wl/m dies => who cares I can reset my op 3 min and still do dmg. On the other hand dps and cps class take a big hit from bad or dead wl/m. Just do the math on how much dmg warp charge contributes to a dps class vs mages

    Exactly. Mages don't need all the attack speed and cast speed support that is available through all the useful meta support classes like Scout/Priest that give such atk speed and cast speed buffs and who in the world needs the 10% mdmg from warp charge if you have mdmg on your Catalysis already? Yes, mages are completely independant of any support that exists in the entire game due to their insanely high Matt that needs no support at all to deal damage if your gear is just high enough :thumbup: kappa

    Btw, why is everyone talking about 3m buffs? My Elemental Catalysis has 4 min CD except for 2 mages (M/S and M/B)? Am I playing a different game again? :/

    Video says "Dark Field" killed me with another 2.7kk, so the damage comes before the ress is pulling me away. Maybe change that pull into a teleport just like the charge skills. Or first teleport and then resurrect :/

    Since K/Wd seems to be a combination designed for dps classes, please consider reducing aggro on a similar basis as on K/Wl.

    I completely agree with you. This class is very interesting. should be similar to K/Wl layer if this layer is really dps. to use skills with shields.

    Better give us a viable knight mdps :whistling:

    Most people farm in Ice Blade Plateau, there are clean items dropping you can use for crappy or clean stones. The Arcane Transmutor was changed on CoA, so it includes all purified fusion stones and randomized crappy ones in it by default. By right-clicking purified stones you can add them into the transmutor easily. There are plenty of addons available that replace the old "fusion", but no idea about that, since i don't farm them myself... maybe have a look on curse 👀

    Seems quite expensive, but nice to know :)

    The ostrich (30d) is on promo from time to time, every 4 weeks, so you could have it forever on discount if you buy in time...

    so is there anything i am missing?

    Most custom rings (from Dalanis Nightmare, ROFL red and ROFL golden) give you another 35%(?) movement speed for 10 mins that overwrites the yellow housemaid potion, but 35% is better than 15% I guess ^^

    There are Golden Wings that give another approx 10% move speed passively and grant a short-time buff of +50% for 10 seconds with like 60s CD or something. But golden wings are quite expensive, but just telling fyi

    There are some useful titles available within some instances, 10% move speed from DL Normal mode or some events, 15% from ROFL chests after b2...

    The fancy Boots (shown in Screenshots of Daenerys ) can only be used inside of instances (as shown in their tooltip) but only in most custom instances, such as ROFL, Gorge, DC and nostalgia. You cannot use them in vanilla instances and iirc they won't work in tikal as well :/

    However, the 30d ostrich does work in Tikal (and Inferno afaik) plus all vanilla instances and outside of instances in the open world and even inside player houses, but not in nostalgia or other custom instances. So if you don't run custom content excessively yet, you may prefer the ostrich in the first place :thumbup:

    This being said, there is just one fact left to mention: Movement speed is multiplicative, so you wanna stack as much as possible, so you reach that "godlike" speed you mentioned :saint:

    EDIT: If you are warlock, you additionally have 2 interesting ISS, one from Sardo Castle NM (lv 67), called "Self-Distortion" that gives 30% speed while costing HP every second and one from Crypt of Eternity (lv 90), called "Path of Anguish" that adds 50% for 10 seconds. Some other classes got additional speed buffs, such as Warrior/Rogue got a passive of like 30% or something, etc. Maybe this might be useful for you as well

    Question is does bard/subclass make simillar dps like warrior/mage?

    Thank u for your recommendation guys :)

    As an mdps myself I agree to everything that robopoke mentioned.

    Only thing to add is, that with higher gear, the gap between b/m and w/m seems not to be as big anymore. Both have rlly good crowdcontrol but b/m is safer as a ranged class. Also, b/m has more/better support for the party, so I would always choose a b/m over a w/m if there is no bard in my party already. Overall in most instances they seem to be quite equal in damage from my point of view :thumbup:

    So if you build yourself a tamb as a weapon, you can also play mage/bard and warlock/bard, since both use tamb+talisman, too. But mage and warlock need further ISS, so I'd suggest to focus on bard in the first place. You have a higher variety of different classes for more different situations with a tamb than with a wand imo :/

    Bard/Druid I dont know

    It's entirely useless, just gives bard support and druid buff but damage is really sad... at least I haven't found a way that class could be viable :/

    Just use 1000 reset tickets then you get it instantly* xD

    Winners are ShadowTmaster and mrcrow ! Congratulations to 2500 dias each!

    There were 26 dwarfs hiding, as mrcrow posted all locations correctly above. Funny that nobody else just copy-pasted it for free 2500 dias because there were only 2 winners yet xD

    However, because Ladykarito and Heinrich found 25, Cruvor found 24, I will divide the remaining 5k by the total amount of dwarfs you guys found (25+25+24=74) and multiply with your answers each, so...

    Karito gets 1689💎

    Aka gets 1689💎

    Cruwu gets 1621💎

    ...because you were really close to the correct answer <3

    The remaining 1💎 goes to Elipso because he's always poor :)

    Please put a gold into Auction and tell me ingame about it :thumbup:

    I also got some correct answers on wrong channels (ingame, voice etc) which are just ignored 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Thanks everyone for participation, maybe I will repeat something similar soon :saint:

    Thats because you cant use the skill itself but when its ready it'll get triggered automaticly if you use ur Elemental Catalysis.

    Actually, my mistake. I was confused by the colour of the skill description indicating that it could still be used by clicking on it.

    I think it would be a good idea to change the colour scheme of the descriptions then, to the same as on passive skills .

    Afaik passive skills can only have hidden buff cooldowns, guess that's why it's an active unclickable skill now... which is fine to me...

    ...But I'd suggest to have the 6 min CD changed to something scaling on Elemental Catalysis actual cooldown, since there are different cooldowns versions around. M/B and M/S got 3m while others got 4m. So 6m (360s) CD for all mages seems not to be fair at all :|


    Better give the ISS 100% of the catalysis reduction plus 50% additionally. This would result in (240*0.75*1.5) 270s ISS CD for 4m Catalysis and (180*0.75*1.5) 202.5s ISS CD for 3m Catalysis :/

    Remove the dash animation from dashes feels very annoying please undo this it feels unsafe uncontrolable and I died alot hahaha 🤣

    Maybe it needs a bit training but I enjoyed the older version better

    Fully agree on that. A charge skill without a rolling dwarf is deleting the entire immersion of this class to me ;(

    One should test how Warrior/Knight Surprise Attack works now, which is an aggro aoe skill :pinch:

    If you still have any version of WoWMap installed, it will break your map... that's what happened to me. The WoWMap is already integrated in the game as Int pointed out, so just remove your addon wowmap...

    I have the same problem

    mlib, addonmanager, au x64, agrometer, simpledamagelog, kittyx64, multibuy, autotrade, cenedrilhelper, comeonin, waittimer, dailynotes x64, dungeonloots x64, extendedmacroicon, funforall, gladr, inventoryviewer, ilg, mloot, petautoevent, raidheal, ccb, scrutinizer, titleselect, transmutor, ultimatemailmod

    Looks like AU is kicking it out of your action bar right after changing gears :/


    This is regarding Bard/Warden:

    Can you change the fear from Anger - 1491170 to a 1-second stun, or remove the fear altogether without adding any crowd control in return, the fear only messes with mob pulls and causes mobs to move out of Aoe range or forces players to chase each mob individually, it's very annoying in Dark Core.

    I would even suggest to change all bard fears into dance, just like Chorea of B/M does. It's a bard, it should make mobs dance, not run away from the music :/

    I have another question. what lvl to exchange mems for diamonds? I tried at 91 Owenstien says im too low lvl. this blows to have mems i cant use and no point getting more right now bc ill max out. Some things on this server make no sense. Im 91 and crippled bc i cant use broker since i have almost no diamonds. i have farmed mems to get diamonds but the NPC wont trade with me.

    Since level 91 is for free for a new char, I guess you need to do some progress before unlocking diamonds exchange, sounds quite fair to me. About the level, I think it was 100+?

    Went in game made a toon. nobody would answer any zone chat questions in elf land so i went to varnas......silence. Seems like a dead server. In Varnas i didnt see another person the whole time.

    That's normal, since the capital city isn't Varanas on this server, it's Atlas. Most NPC were moved to Atlas, too, such as the wedding NPC. There is a NPC somewhere in Varanas offering a Transportation to the Isle of Atlantis :/ This might help you: https://wiki.chroniclesofarcad…s/lost-island-of-atlantis

    1) is there a way to world chat w/o mega phones? on normal rom we use "/enter world" which gives u a / chat. do u have anything like it? Not helpful if new players cant ask questions.

    Megas were included in regular levelup-packages iirc, so you will automatically get access just by leveling up...

    2) is the entire economy diamonds? i saw nothing for sale on auction house that didnt cost diamonds. If thats the case how do u ever earn any items or gear w/o buying diamonds?

    Some buff food is traded for gold and latest changes have made gold much more valuable. But yes, dias are everything, you can farm items and sell them for dias in auction or just farm gold and sell this either at NPC or in auction, too.

    3) can you have multiple accounts to farm things like gobs?

    I think you can do that. You can even connect your main account with alt accounts. Some activities are blocked for alts of the same IP or something, but minigames and dailies should be accessible I think...

    4) whats a benefit of this server? On the website it says 500% xp but i got normal xp for every quest. so is extra xp etc ONLY if u pay a monthly sub or what? I also saw a lvl 80 boost on website but wasnt offered to me in game.

    There is no monthly sub that gives exp bonus, the VIP just enables free teleport, some freebies every day. and some quality of life. About exp I have no idea. Lv 91 boost NPC should be in the hall of wisdom in Varanas, it also offers a free starter gear...

    5) any log in rewards? couldnt tel looking at that cash shop.

    Wheel of fortune every day and some free consumables in Atlas every day, too. There are also NPC that offer Exp, TP and Drop boosts that reset every day iirc, and a debts cleaner, all in Atlas.

    I can recommend having a look into the WIKI, most questions should be answered there already: :thumbup:

    Have fun on the server, if you have any further questions, feel free to ask :thumbup:

    Wait - Agnes is gone? 😱😱😱 Lucky me, I thought I became old and got lost in Atlas again 😅

    Dear Team, I like that you activly try to balance economic changes in the first place. If it always has to be such a drastical change is a moot point, but I'm already used to these kind of sledge hammer solutions. I will not comment on the specific agnes change at all, but in general would wish to be informed a little earlier. I spent millions over millions of gold (in cards) the days before the change and can imagine the people feel overwhelmed. So if you prepare such changes, better let the prople know earlier and iunclude the comm to find solutions that match for everyone before jumping in at the crack of dawn 😊

    You guys seem to really be interested in the voice of your community (unlike other server's managements), this was shown a lot of times in the past already and we're on a pretty good way imo. That's why my last negative post lays almost a year in the past 😱 So I hope you guys take all the feedback gathered in this thread to heart, there are some pretty good solutions written down 👍 If you implement any solution it shows me again that you listen, so I hope you do 😊

    And to all the others: Take off your paper bags and towels and listen to the wise words a wise man once said: "Let the mustard flow through your veins" (ok that sounded more funny in german lol). Then better take this: A wise manTM once said: "Hakuna Matata." 🐗