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    Please share your addons list or we can not help you.

    This error occours everytime I open a chest:

    parent:UIParent call HouseStorageFrame_1's OnShow, line: [string "?"]:421: attempt to index local 'this' (a nil value)

    Unfortunately I can't reproduce the huge error list of my quoted post.

    I got no addon that is causing any issue with housing or touching any original housing mechanic.

    My list of bugs so far... push it into bug reports if you want, idc.

    1. You can click on "change house name" and "change house password" of foreign houses, but get data errors while submitting,

    2. You click on a placed furniture but it's not highlighted in the list, so you don't know which of your 100 carpets it is,

    3. You can access the storage log of foreign houses,

    4. By trying to change a foreign houses' House Greeting, you open a half transparent selection list for melodies,

    5. This list will not disappear if you close and reopen the interface,

    6. Endless interface errors appear once I click anything. (How can I post them here without inserting them one by one?)

    7. Everytime I try to open my bank in a foreign house this has a 2-3 seconds delay.

    8. You can't access the desert area in foreign houses even if the owner unlocked it.

    Okay, where to start? First of all, I appreciate a major rework of an old interface and it's functionalities. :thumbup: I suppose you gonna fix all the bugs we stumbled over so far, so I will not mention any of them.

    BUT... what did you do there? I need to place all my crafting furniture now to have access to all bonuses, which results into less than 20 FPS in my house, which is unplayable. :pinch:

    The point that guests can't use my crafting furniture bonuses anymore isn't necessary because with 20 fps you can't even craft properly on max speed 10/10. So please fix either fps of general furniture or revert the change to have everything placed in order to get the bonus. This really sucks now. :thumbdown:

    I also checked out the new "houses"/areas of friends and I got some questions.

    1. Is it planned to be able to put furnitures to the (currently) useless areas around the center square?

    2. Why can't you just put your original house into the new area?

    3. Why did you place this giant mountain next to my house so I can't enjoy my view from my balcony anymore? Can't even climb it without being teleported back to the entrance.

    Kind regards

    your angry little dwarf


    I think, some item names are incorrect in the furniture list. How can this be an eggtimer?


    My current strong impression is that we have fewer and fewer useful MDPS combinations in the endgame content.

    I feel that so much, thanks for your post which is just so true. There's so much not balanced at all and so much potential for useful and fun class combinations. Especially warlocks always were much fun to play, but without any sense of existence, putting effort into them isn't worth it at all. :S

    D/WL or D/R I think they do decent DPS, but they'll continue to do that DPS until all raid members replace gear, stats in that gear

    I was playing D/R for quite a while and compared to guild members that already replaced stats, gear and weapons from DC (and even idk). And D/R was pretty strong, with the latest aoe nerfs in idk even more viable with its mid range aoe I guess. A big plus for that class is the dark moon buff, that enables you to use dmg food in most parts of the current inis. And having another source for druid buffs especially helps in 6 man content imo.

    P/S after doubling the cooldown of the strongest skill also died as MDPS. I don't know why you changed it, this class generated a lot of damage in trash, but on a single target it wasn't very strong.

    It's still very strong, played this a lot in the past, too. The nerf was reasonable imo. Will test it in idk too soon.

    Am I now suddenly supposed to have comparable amounts of dexterity in addition to a large amount of intelligence? I have always associated misses with physical accuracy, not magical....

    Afaik magical accuracy scales with wisdom, but you can increase it easily with a preci13 rune or the 10% passive of your pet. I had something around 150 on instrument, when the change hit me, but with some support and stuff like that, the misses were not as bad.

    Was ist denn aus der tollen Idee von Cruvor mit dem Köcher geworden? Neben dem von ihm vorgeschlagenen Stats könnte ich mir vorstellen, dass der Köcher den Schaden der Pfeile verbessert. Aber das keine Reaktion von den Verantwortlichen dazu erscheint ist sehr schade.

    What happened to the great idea of Cruvor with the quiver? In addition to the stats he proposed, I could imagine the quiver improving the damage of the arrows. But the fact that there is no reaction from those responsible is a great pity.

    Guess because it's not a suggestion but a discussion. At least it should have been. But as we can see, not that many people joined the duscussion yet. But if it's still relevant, here are my 2 cents.

    I find the idea of a scout offhand pretty awesome, I played scout a lot some years ago. But what about just allowing the class to use a talisman instead and create a physical talisman for PDPS scout as well? This would be much less effort for development but make all people happy. If you additionally change scout to be able to wear wands, even the magical scouts would be balanced better I guess.

    And now the german translation for Pistan

    i want to have 1 product sold in IS. for the purpose of renewing used ISS equipment. this will be fairer for new players without guilds.Hope you do this soon. and old people do not be too selfish to benefit themselves too much. think of new players and make the game more cohesive.

    greetings !

    Sorry, but why do new players without guilds need high level ISS? In this game, almost any class has access to multiple different versions of ISS, the higher the lvl, the better the skill, but even "lower" skills can be useful for midgame or new players, since they don't run the highest instances yet. Anyway, new players already have more advantages here than on most other company driven servers. And I think you don't wanna be the one who is responsible for many midground players' weekly income? ;)

    Okay, the bug seems to be gone after loggin in today. Can't reproduce it yet. No idea what that could have been.

    Anyway, here's my addon list, maybe something's known there :/

    Quote from /addon2

    project, project, adui, asbw, bagsearch, comeonin, waittimer, dailynotes, dungeonloots x64, eventhelper, sui_actionbarframe, extracharacterframe, sui_partyframe, sui_playerframe, ilg, ip x64, kampfmakros, lootomatic, mathe, petstate, romail2, scrutinizer, simpledamagelog, slash_afk, smartbb, styleresizer, vcthreatmeter, afguildsort, zyautoshot, zybloodarrow, zycancelbuff, zycheckbuffs, zyclassrota, zynayat, project, project, project, project, project

    "project" seems to be my ZZInfoBar and related addons, such as ZZTitles, ZZBagInfo, etc.

    Quote from /bug2

    [12:07:48] There is no interface error.

    No idea since when this has changed, but I can't see any class in my list:


    Could swear this was fine before the latest patch :/


    Heavenly Arrow should be changed in anything usefull now. The skill is nothing more than a taunt now. Problem here is, that the debuff is overwritten by Threaten.


    I think it's still useful, you can use heavenly arrow from distance and it instantly reduces damage, whilst threaten still needs to be stacked up, which doesnt work as fast on K/S I guess :/ At least they should change the debuff is only overwritten by more than 1 stack of threaten if that's possible, bcz I think 2 stacks threaten might be better than 20% reduced dmg? :/

    So ... are you going to nerf now wl/ch into oblivion? It's not a class which is strong enough to be insanely popular in end game, but it has a useful edge, e.g. for instance ATF-title quests...

    Afaik there is a different class balancing for pvp than pve. If not, I'd be surprised :D

    btw, why are npcs selling +6 and +12 plussing stones, if the gear already is +16? And how much time do you expect from players doing pvp for plussing everything to +20 with full runes? In 30 mins on a winning streak I got like 500 tokens, so I have to exclusively farm pvp for the next 2 years or what?

    Edit: And plussing stones even are not 100% xD


    first of all, I do like the pvp stuff, finally we got some juicy content in this matter, have been waiting for so long! <3 Finally a balanced (not fully yet) pvp experience with everyone having same conditions (gear etc). In the vanilla game, pvp was a matter of the insanity of your pvp gear. If you had none, you automatically lost against players wearing it.

    But: What the hell is wrong with balancing there? I see classes that deal like 5-10k per hit, others 500k+, some even 1kk+. That should take a while for balancing everything properly I guess. It feels like casting classes are much more powerful than instants, but wl/ch seems to be entirely broken, such as d/wl or k/m.

    The most annoying thing is, that there is no buff cancel at the entrance. You can even farm/use patt/matt sigils outside and they don't expire inside. Also, the damage and sustain difference between unbuffed, selfbuffed and fully buffed is insane. While unbuffed players hit with like 1k per second, a fullbuffed player literally oneshots unbuffed/selfbuffed players. Depending on your class, you can also oneshot fullbuffed players while being fully buffed yourself. Feels like wild west duels: First pulling first shooting first winning...

    You should also disable invisible Potion in Battleground, which is another annoying thing. First seconds of fight no damage is dealt, since all players are running around invisible xD

    Long story short, I have high hopes in the update, hopefully you can keep up your good work (the rewards are just awesome!) and make pvp something great! (90% through balancing ofc) :thumbup:

    Request: Please add more Battleground modes, like "1v1 (no buffs mode)", "1v1 (selfbuffs mode)" and so on. Would me much appreciated, since you literally can only win atm if you buff yourself into heaven. =O

    Otherwise please let quitting opponents count as loosing and in 1v1 the other "win" the game instead of just giving no rewards at all, which feels bad if you buff up for nothing.

    Agree. Plus...

    Quote from General Knight

    Changed Strike of Punishment: Untainted holy energy adheres to the weapon, giving the target a severe punishment. Inflicts 400% main hand weapon DPS damage. If target has any, it consumes all Holy Seal and reduces their attack power by 4% for each stack for 12 seconds.

    ...results in a reduction of 53% on single targets, which also seems to be available for W/K and all the other /K classes, which is awesome! :thumbup:


    @Dev: Hopefully you changed the cd of Strike of Punishment to like 12 seconds or something. Otherwise the skill will feel kinda useless ^^

    with the new weapon the k/ch lose more stamina as before with the strength on the hammer and the bad stack of the deff skill...

    Imo the old 104 hammer is better than the new one. You get a little of dps, but loose a ton of stamina. All the new nonstats are useless for a tank imo. So I think, it's not such a big deal. Also, your hammer damage is decently increased, so it should matter less, if you use the 104 or 105 hammer. ^^

    I do like the k/ch the most of all tanks, but I would be fine only with the general tank changes on it. But maybe there is still something more coming for k/ch anyway? Guess we will see.

    Quote from planned patch notes


    Omg. I'm still blown away from that wall of text which I just found, I have so many questions xD Guess I better wait for the stuff to come, before asking 1000000 questions xD But damn, that looks like really good work, finally the long wished tank rework! <3 This hypes me more than Dark Core did actually ^^

    Wait, isn't there an all-time wish come true? And you still complain? Why not just appreciate that the team listens to what people want? I guess it depends on how to demand for something. I have no clue about leather, but the latest comments about dexterity balancing in terms of equality with strength even makes sense to me. :D

    I think, nobody has upgraded the old gear yet, so restatting isn't a thing yet, is it?