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    key word: each .

    EACH explosion will deal 1611 damage . There is no question of reduction anywhere, and there is even a denial of reduction : "EACH" explosion will deal 1611 damage""

    Each explosion (each channel) inflicts 1611 damage already. The explosion is occurring on your target, the rest of the damage is reflection from the main explosion. We do not plan to change this for now, but there will be changes for the class for the future.


    Defense Net (498549) is providing only magical immunity.

    Therefore, the only way to reduce damage of Cosmic Explosion is physical damage reductions or magical immunity.

    I'm even more confused now :D

    Immunities are for spell types since a magical spell does not need to be a damage dealer yet magical immunity can still block their effects; but damage reductions are for damage types. Cosmic Explosion spell is magical type, but its damage is physical.


    498549 and 490270 both from warlock don't work in last boss to prevent the explosion.

    Defense Net (498549) is providing only magical immunity. Cosmic Explosion spell type is magical, damage type is physical.

    Shield of Otherworld (490270) is providing damage reduction in PvE/PvP which does not affect percent damages. Therefore, the only way to reduce damage of Cosmic Explosion is physical damage reductions or magical immunity.


    Please do not forget that Magical damage types currently have excessive amount of resist rate in Dark Core, which will be fixed along with this patch.


    Also any chance this annoying s/ch bug gets fixed ? -> click here

    We still do not have any possible solution for this.

    Eventho i have a Base Channel time of 3.02 seconds and Skill states that it reduces channel time by 0.5s per stack up to 4 stacks , so should be 1.02s for me.

    This is changed with a recent S/Ch change, maximum stack is removing casting time entirely, it will be corrected in description.


    Resist rate of magical spells will be fixed along with next patch as in following planned change;

    • Changed NPC resist point gain per wisdom to 0 from 0.36.


    The buff that people get inside the ini giving mdmg and pdmg when you have a new weapon should be changed to the same dmg kind as iron blood will buff. Not all the classes benefit the same from it right now.

    Now a question. The 15% accuracy this buff give? It works the same for all classes? Don't leathers get waaaaay more advantage from it than other classes since dex give base accuracy? I'm not sure so I ask.

    Mentioned buffs are already providing equal amount of damage to classes, working exactly as Ironblood Will, except visually increasing damage. Physical boost of mentioned effect is split into main/offhand weapon damage so unlike Physical Damage boost, it isn't boosting equipment bonuses.


    Every skill has a base Hit Rate, which is usually 99% and has a decrement per level difference which is usually 0/1/2/9%. This is calculated like; 99 - level difference * accuracy decrement per level of skill. Raw Accuracy is subtracted from this Resist Rate through various formulas and % Accuracy is doing same except the process of transforming Raw Accuracy to % Value.

    We are aware that some spells have excessive Resist Rate and working on it to reduce them to a reasonable value currently.


    All classes should have 285 level weapon for the weapons they use. It's stupid some have 285 and others 220, it makes no sense. If checking subclass by subclass is too much work, add 285 to every class in all weapons and easy fix.

    Common Resist is not related with weapon level. If your spell is results being a Resist, only way to improve it is more accuracy.

    Weapon level is affecting only Miss, which magical spells can do too, which is a lot less frequent compared to Resist caused by level difference.

    If certain class spell is Resisting more than others, it is a matter of balance which will be investigated further.


    Yes, it is relying on your weapon level; resist rate is working same as dodge rate now, just depending on magical attributes instead.


    The thing won't be "fixed" because this is how heal formula is working currently, the visible value is not representing the heal output directly. There won't be any 2.39x increment on this until, if happens, we rework the heal output formula.



    • Fixed Holy Light Domain wasn’t inflicting damage properly.

    It does now damage again, but it is removed/shut down again, if you stay and don't run.... Yesterday it was perfect. it wasnt cancelled


    There was a small flaw in buff checker, it should be fine now.


    R / S - trying today on DC with this combination I noticed that although I used runes for accuracy and the title up to 300% accuracy, skill ID 491532 had almost 69% dodges, where on ROFL this level is about 20%. I know that rebuilding it and increasing its chance of hitting it will result in too high dps on lower instances than DC. Therefore, I suggest changing the system to - not a chance to dodge, but a chance to hit the target and give the indicator initially to 70%


    Hi, I would like to suggest removing gcd on R/S Precicion buff , to make this class more fluent to play when you have to use this buff while you are on combat

    We do not plan to change these.


    Could you check which weapon accuracy is shot using? im having crazy miss rates in dark core. If is bow, any chance to increase bow level? or stick shot to main hand weapon level?

    Why isn't magic dmg affecting pet dmg? catalysis (for example) or tamb are totally useless. Our burst is totally dependant on supports magical attack extra buffs, our selfbuffs do nothing :D

    Mentioned skill is using ranged weapon level for initial miss rate, missing the first physical hit will cause other hits to be resisted/missed too.

    Because Flame Spirit does not have any magical damage scaling. It is just having magical damage from having more magical attack, which is a fixed rate for all NPCs. We do not plan to add a magical damage scaling to this pet, currently.


    ...results in a reduction of 53% on single targets, which also seems to be available for W/K and all the other /K classes, which is awesome! :thumbup:

    I think it's calculated the other way. 100 patk * 0.68 (threaten) * 0.84 (Strik of Punishment). That will result in 43% reduction. I doubt the debuffs will be multiplied against each other. That would a unique mechanic that I've never saw in this game

    Physical Attack and Physical Damage reductions applied to a NPC aren't behaving as you may expect. NPCs are losing excessive damage/attack than actual loss, and losing physical attack will also reduce physical damage of NPC too in a certain rate which we cannot share for now.