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    I do not expect big changes, I have complained several times about game performance issues but the reality is that my pc is becoming obsolete with each improvement that the dev's make, since I do not have the resources to solve that, my wishes to changes are not very significant.

    It's hard to think of big instances when we hardly have people to do even a mini instance.

    there is a reality, and it is that after a gaming boom during the pandemic where many of us were locked up, little by little we were resuming our activities. without forgetting the case of many comrades who are still going through a war. These could be some of the reasons why we hardly see our players online.

    therefore, I can think of changes related to personal improvement. new ways to get dragon pets.

    incentives to carry out the missions of each map.

    changes to daily roulette rewards.

    If you keep people entertained in the game even if there aren't enough people to make an instance, you'll have more than just alters or main characters punching a bag in Itnal Camp.

    my humble opinion 👉👈

    good job with the fps in the houses. I just want you to return the trapped furniture or at least return the slot number to each piece of furniture, so that I can accommodate them according to my criteria and not at random from you.


    thanks to the developers who fixed the list of hidden furniture in the house. I just need to be able to make use of that furniture. Since as seen in the picture, I have enough space for even more furniture, but that furniture got stuck, perhaps in my 400th energy slot.


    ¿Quizás redujiste la cantidad de ranuras para muebles? Por lo tanto, 47 muebles no se pierden, sino que simplemente no se cargan, ya que estaban en las ranuras 206+.

    That's what Lee told me recently... although I have free space, I assume that those are located in another slot (invisible)

    but I have no way to accommodate each item in a higher slot or infer, in order to reduce energy.

    I will wait for a patch that allows me to recover my furniture


    I wrote to support for another reason and I'm still waiting for a response.

    I will write for this reason, to see if I have more luck



    several days ago my ping has not dropped below 390ms, with jumps up to 700k

    please I ask you to analyze this problem. because it doesn't just happen to me. and my home internet is stable.

    I don't know if it's the area, a bug in the game, the patch, or a combination of all, but it's really hard to play like this.





    the new home map generated too much lag for me (3 fps). So I decided to quit and go back to my old house. In the process of arranging the furniture, I removed many items because those were no longer necessary. and I set out to reduce the energy cost according to what the panel showed me. my surprise was when touring my house, I was missing furniture. and others, I did not find them anywhere.


    We got also one such report, but unable to reproduce at the moment. If you would get any details, that would help a lot

    🤷‍♀️I would love to be able to tell how or when it happens. but I can't pinpoint the problem. I had placed the craft furniture in the smallest size. and suddenly the next day those were in their original size.

    a zombie (not all) is also modified to its original size. but it doesn't happen all the time

    🥺when there are 1 or two elements it is not serious, but sometimes I spend many hours fixing everything and a large "earthquake" occurs... it is not fun 👉👈

    Thank you very much for adding the option to lock and change the height of our furniture. That led me to go back to the new map, and yesterday I spent my last hours fixing furniture and blocking it.

    but... I went to sleep, and when I log into the game today, all my items are misplaced. higher or lower, bigger or smaller. nothing in its place. ;(


    Could you add furniture blocking to the house system? It is very frustrating to move an object around the house by mistake and then not be able to put it back because it overlaps with other furniture.

    an option to save changes, go back and cancel would not be a bad option either.

    Greetings <3

    One more year celebrating with our colleagues, between laughter, insecurities, challenges and learning. Thanks to all who are part of this beautiful community, to friends, to those who are not friends, to those who accompany us day by day and to those who are no longer. Everyone leaves their mark and they are the ones who make it so pleasant to spend our hours here.

    happy 8th anniversary COA!!



    there is no game icon, but the game is open



    the launcher closes itself. Only if I have another account open. if there is no other account open, the launcher remains on the screen.

    I've had issues with the launcher for days. the bar icon is no longer there. and when I try to open a launcher again, having an open account, it stays for 1 second and then closes :(


    It occurs to me that it would be very interesting if the housekeeper had the option to visit other players while inside our house. or maybe from some house rune dropdown


    in the case of the rune, something like: left button transports to our house. and right click, open the typical menu of the house npc

    I will not give a comment on mechanics or crashes. I simply ask you to review the number of effects seen on each boss. that is, the sparkles that are produced are visible even if the setting has the effects disabled. I loved the instance, it seemed like a real challenge to meet the ini. but the problem of the effects (and more in the last boss) keeps me at 2 fps.