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    New ISS can be added if the necessary requirements are met.

    I think it's more ideal to have it as a passive skill.

    example: Blocks area damage %3 by distance

    It could be a small series of quests for each class to obtain this skill, learning the requirements from their Class Instructor.

    For the requirements: Must be obtained in some ISS.



    the cooldowns added to area skills after the last updates are a bit too much, it takes 6sec to reuse the skill or even evaluate it with single skills, the problem is that single skills do not do as much damage as desired unless the buff is activated("1491390 -For 6sec waiting time, I think it's not worth opening), my recommendation is to review and slightly reduce the cooldowns("1491183" - "1491184") in between.

    It may give high dmg in the first burst, but 6sec makes a difference in the long range

    also "1491185" it might be better for this skill to be %40+ for area damage


    I don't understand the recent changes, I don't understand who and whose ideas these changes are based on, but with the last change, the Mage class has fallen behind a little more, I hope it is reconsidered and there is a +thought to meet this deficiency.

    Can u try 3.7 sec

    I tried it and I got the best results in this time interval and I tried it and it worked well, maybe if you try it in this time interval you can notice the difference

    The actual time frame is about 3.6 but since you have a time window of 1.5s to use perfect slice, any timer value between 3.6 -4.5 would be fine (just test and see what works best for you)

    I think there can be many reasons that can cause the time gap to be effective and everyone should set their own time gap.

    My opinion is that it might be better to have the same feature like Bloodles, even the timer can be confused with Fps or Ping.

    I talked to people who use it, I wish it to be effective and useful as everyone has found a method in their own way

    Can u try 3.7 sec

    I tried it and I got the best results in this time interval and I tried it and it worked well, maybe if you try it in this time interval you can notice the difference

    Shouldn't everything we can collect wood, ore and herb on the world map also have seeds in the planting system?

    why no seed for "100 lw"

    can you add this because I think it would be very useful ;)


    Cruel Eater Boss has a well-thought-out tactic, but I think it is a tactic designed without thinking much about the players, because for example, I could not escape at 0.5 speed at the moment of action, especially if you have bad internet, it causes a waste of time, why 0.5 cast?


    Skills | Chronicles of Arcadia

    Here you can select the desired second class for the Bard and analyse the combination(Elite Skill's,ISS..etc)

    It is not possible to say that a class combination is good at the moment, but it seems that Bard/Scout is good for now (Physical).Bard/Mage for Magic, which I think might be good for you

    I hope this will be useful for you


    In fact, in exchange for sacrificing something (40% HP loss), the defence(FD-MD) breaking feature can be added.

    Could be fun :D


    if you want to play risky, It would be very strange to work in a way that stacks unlimited but breaks the tank armor with every hit(%1 boss=%2 tank ) the way the game is played can change completely then xD

    Dude, it sounds crazy, but making things harder and creating a subtle link between life and death, a system where the team's survival depends on the heal's efforts, sounds like fun to me 😅🥳

    --Target Area


    I would like to request that this skill be added in the same way as Scout/Warlock("Elemental Accuracy","Critical Magical Hit Rate"). I think it would be fine to add something for the common class and magic.

    I've never seen roques in agroo ?

    I think it is unreasonable for two general classes of two-handed weapons.

    In general, there are almost no buffs with a duration of 5 minutes in most classes, and now that you have reduced the Rogue class from 5 min in the latest update, I recommend that the Mages " ISS [The Sage] (1500369)"should now be reduced to 3min.



    I know which class and which skills do what and what they do, but it does not satisfy me that it only produces good agroo in line with the purpose of use. Maybe it may not be a problem in your guild, but if you had specified how many Heal players behind you, you could have given more detailed information.

    As I said, there are players who like it personally, but here I want to share my opinion for the better. I also don't believe that B/K, WRD/K, K/B can still do a proper job.

    As far as I can see, there are players who claim to be good, but at the moment I haven't seen a player in this class and I haven't seen one before. Why ?

    I played K/S in DC. For me it's the knight with the easiest aggro and easiest range aggro (if someone accidentally pull or tank want to pull at range). But besides this, it has nothing special for me! As long as the aggro is not a problem, I prefer K/D for DC (but only for DC) bcs it has nice shield mechanics to make it easier for healers and buffing a little bit the raid.

    In all other instances I wouldn't play K/D, bcs the raidbuff would be kinda useless.

    I would also prefer K/R for DC, but only if the dodge buff wouldn't disappear instantly bcs you absorb the non dodgeable hits :D

    my idea is to offer more useful and useful class combinations and my ideas for its development.The classes I can play as a tank are limited when there are so many options and When I think like that, I realise something's wrong.

    I think the Developers might realise this and give some thought to the need for editing.

    cooperation for a better world :D