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    Same here. I've been trying for over 30 minutes. I've cleared cache/cookies and rebooted my computer. I have no problem loading another game and no problem getting on facebook. Nothing in my security software being blocked. So this is not on my end.

    I recently started using the arcadia utilities addon and last couple weeks I've been noticing problems with buff times not being accurate. The four hour magic buff from housekeeper shows as 3.5 or 3.2 hours. The time for the 3 minute riding speed housekeeper potion shows as 2.5 minutes. I've seen other ones off but those are two I remember.

    I'm also having a big problem keeping unbridled enthusiasm housekeeper potion from expiring. It's supposed to be a one hour duration and sometimes it only lasts a minute or two or ten. I have to use six or seven of this potion to do five mirror boards which are only 15 minutes each. I keep wondering why I'm running slow and I look up and the potion has expired again. Sometimes I have to use two or three in just one mirror board.

    Both issues happen outside of mirror boards as well.

    If I delete the arcadia utilites addon, then all my buff times go back to the correct duration time and the unbridled enthusiasm potion does not expire before the one hour is up.

    So is anyone else having these issues with arcadia utilities?


    Hi. I have always disenchanted junk items like runes 1, 2, and 3. Also items like beetle leg and magic hormone. Today I log in and try to disenchant those same items and I get a warning in red letters that these items can't be dismantled.

    Was this a recent change to what is allowed to be disenchanted or is this a glitch with the transmuter?


    Please stop the nerfing of characters. It's destroying the fun of the game.

    I play a priest/scout and I finally got to the point I can one hit kill mobs in mirror boards and with only using one extra attack buff. As of a few nights ago, it now takes every buff I've got to be able to one hit kill the same mobs. The buffs wear off and makes it so it takes multiple hits and it activates the mobs. My magic damage and magic attack have not gone down. I have not changed any items or buffs and I've made no changes to any items. So I am not sure why the difference in damage output. That only leaves the nerfing.

    We were told yesterday that we would be refunded TP for our skills that got reset to level 0 and it would be refunded soon. It's been almost a day and I still don't have any tp refund for my two level 104 skills.

    When are we going to get our tp?

    Priest is useless without grace of life and amplified attack buffs. I'm missing out on mirror boards and other battle based parts of the game until I get my tp refunded.

    Thank you.

    I just logged on to find that my priest has been nerfed. I put a lot of work into this character. I see that two skills are missing from skills list. I haven't figured out which two skills they are yet. Whatever they were, they were at max level as I had all my skills at max level. I also notice Grace of life and amplified attack have been reset to level 0 when I had them both maxed out. That is a lot of talent points and work put into this for nothing. I am not happy. Was there anything else done to screw over priests that I haven't noticed yet? Will I be getting all those talent points refunded?

    Server is online but I can't get logged in. Connection failed. Check your connection or firewall and try again. Then it says connection failed on 2nd attempt to log in.

    Almost forgot the boss spawning area clear of players but as soon as you get close to the spawn spot then you can see a player and as soon as you move back a little, you can't see the player anymore. Kind of like a ghost.

    So just people using multiple accounts and sitting at the boss spawn location all day. Once they show up, they show up on all channels. Once they show up you never see the boss spawn again. Or they are killed before they can fully materialize. They are killed from range but no shot/spell is seen. They are looted from range, without going up to the boss body and kneeling to loot. They appear, kill, loot, and leave all before the boss can fully materialize. Mmm Hmmm. Once one goes away, they all go away. Then all the sudden the boss actually starts spawning again. Mmm Hmm. Yep, nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.

    We've got a pileup of players in Heroica Fortress trying to do the daily quest called The cost of magic. This is due to only 1 of 3 channels being active. I know the reason, but can we get channel 2 started for this region please? That will help ease some pileup. Thank you.

    Hi. Last night I bought the 15 convenient bank item so I could open my bank anywhere in the game. I was trying to do mirror boards and get my mirror tickets out of my bank. The game kept crashing last night though. Three times I believe. I did use one charge of the 15 to open the bank. After all the crashes, I just gave up on using my mirror tickets due to drop bonuses wearing off. That's when I noticed I don't have any of the 14 convenient bank item in my backpack or item page or bank. I guess it's possible I accidently disenchanted them but I doubt I did that. You can't sell them. The game crashes leads me to believe they somehow got lost. Do game crashes cause items to go poof?

    Say you have 100 daggers(projectile) that can't be sold because it's junk. You want to split the 100 into individual pieces so you can disenchant them to get 100 items from disenchantment.

    The item itself is irrelevant. Junk item. Item you don't want. If you disenchant a stack of 100, you get 1 item. If you split it 100 times and disenchant, you get 100 items. Splitting a stack of 100/500/1000 is time consuming. I was just suggesting a faster way to bulk item split.