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    There is no "Dest" character on the server actively playing.

    You most likely mean "Dester".

    Please always provide quest name or ID, so others can know which quest you mean.

    I believe it's about "A Magic Inscription (425865)".

    Some hints regarding pillars, you can find here: Occult Transport Pillar

    The screenshots may be some outdated function which was used to get time from game client.

    It requires updating an addon or it's code.

    Check if it's happening without any addons.

    Ikarus may not be compatible due to changes with recent patches, so need update the code.

    Channel changes are made by our Team, to implement bugfixes on live, without restarting the whole server.

    Yes, our Team did a 3 checks yesterday on the live server at 18:38:01, 18:59:08 & 19:00:59 CET.

    We rarely test things on live, and usually do a local zone broadcast about (Entity Chamber & Chassiz in this case).

    I renamed the thread to reflect more what it's about.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Yes, that's what we expected after latest network changes.

    We can see that ping overall dropped to old times.

    Most of the issues, if happens, are due to routing between client and server.

    With our support we are able to check it more detailed, an eventual address it in datacenter or ISP.

    Yes, you can post here what you would like to sell or buy.

    The section is well described:


    The best way to sell items anyway is to place them on AH or link on world chat.

    This will allow players to view all of them / negotiate price easily.

    We are not planning to do so, it's intended.

    This is part of how gold is removed from the server.

    Removing such aspects, will end up with higher supply of gold.

    With the same demand, the price of diamonds against gold would increase faster.

    If you are having a lot of disconnects per day, please contact our Support, we will deeply look on that.

    The anti-DDOS solution is still built by our datacenter, after that ping should be better, but we must wait.

    could I ask you to change the phrase

    It wasn't our intention to makes players thinking that they abused the loot, so patch notes has been updated.

    don't share your thoughts and plans with us

    This isn't a usual thing done in this industry, but we still do things like:

    - pre-patchnotes are added to patches commonly

    - suggestions are approved, and placed into discussion

    - festival changes are shared Festival changes

    - core further updates are shared Future of Chronicles of Arcadia

    larger studios have much more resources and can afford more patches and corrections

    It is different here, fortunately.

    Most of indeed have way more not only financial but also human resources.

    Even having these, fixing a simple bug takes weeks to months to do so.

    Here, due to being game developer and publisher at the same time, and being directly in touch with our community, these things are done faster. Some bug fixes on the live server, are even done shortly without closing the server, or updating the game, as long as it's technically possible.

    Since the acquisition of the artifact has been temporarily hindered (significantly), maybe the artifacts should be temporarily disabled for those who obtained them? At the moment, the policy you are TEMPORARILY pursuing gives an advantage to players who have decided to farm monsters to 1 boss. Is this the equality you are talking about?

    The artefact you are mentioning were legally obtained, there is no reason to remove them.

    Every player had the same chance to get them.

    I saw a similar policy on another, more sad server.

    An instance was released there, one guild managed to complete it quickly, in a way that the developers did not foresee, it was TEMPORARILY blocked, thus increasing the disproportion between the players. I would like to ask, that is equality? After all, other players could also make such a decision, then they probably regretted it? This is what equality looks like? Thank you for such equality.

    I understand the concerns in that matter, but it's still the same example. First come, first served.

    No worries about that delaying point, we are not going to keep this state for the time the others do.

    Perhaps you are already tired, I think you are reading without understanding, I think that is quite clear.

    If someone could farm resources for 10 hours, someone else at that time focused on, for example, quests, or simply did not have time, now you turn off the option of farming for everyone (I'm talking about mobs up to 1 boss). The source of dishonesty is 10h, which the other player cannot make up for, this is not treating everyone equally as you tell yourself.

    No worries, I'm not tired, and I clearly understand what you are trying to say.

    You must get the point that both of the players from your example had a choice in what they do.

    None of them was forced or prevented to do any action since opening KS HM till disabling the loot.

    Both of them could farm the items in KS, one decided to do so, others decided to choose less profitable task.

    None of them knew that the loot will be disabled as well.

    This is quite similar example to players complaining about not receiving rewards, when not participating in an event due to deciding their time to be spent in other way.

    You can cause "dishonesty" if these two players would be threatened differently at the same time, being forced by the game mechanic. Ex.: we disable player A to enter instance, when player B can still do that.

    I would like to mention, that here always may be a change which may looks good for some players, and bad for other one, but it mostly happens to make the whole game better, or bring some balance. It's never an intention of the team to bring a disproportion, what obviously would cause players being unhappy.

    Take a note that it was initially stated that the loot has been temporarily disabled.

    I believe that every minute a when drop on KS is blocked is being unprofessional and unfair to players who didn't get the artifact.

    You should strictly define unfair meaning in that matter.

    You can't say that something is unfair if all players running on the same conditions.

    It wasn't enabled or disabled for specific players, it was disabled globally, affecting everyone.

    Every player had the same opportunity, and no one knew further steps.

    Anyway, as previously mentioned, we are already working on a solution, which should be brought this week.

    Thanks for the suggestions, will be considered as well.

    I have been asking for many months to have a planned log change so we can see the changes

    We started to adding planned log changes, as long as it's possible, and can be shared.

    It's really uncommon thing in the game development industry already.

    Not all changes can be spoiled, otherwise players would already make an action to benefit of them after updates.

    Don't tell me im only complaining and tension anything.

    I didn't say that, it was a reply to a direct post, not the entire history of your posts.

    I appreciate every constructive feedback you left for the past years.

    Keep the same system.

    Keeping the same system, make new content being farmed really fast.

    This will lead to obtaining what update brought faster than we are able to prepare new updates.

    This may lead to players finish it shortly, and being bored faster.

    I think your ideas are far away from that.

    It is (I hope is clear) design problem.

    This system was mostly prepared by new employees, which are new in this matter.

    They have an experience in gameplay, at the good level.

    There is a difference between knowing how to play a game, and designing.

    It may not sound as good explanation, but I'm stating facts.

    If you think you can surely manage the game design better, we are always looking for new members, but I can ensure you the player's output wouldn't change much. The reason is, that most want to benefit own characters, and it's pretty normal. If you had a group of 20 people, half of happy and half unhappy, you would get 8 complains and 2 positive replies.

    Anyway, we will learn of it, and try to improve.

    Such an answer is unacceptable. You brought almost the same system to hoto a few months ago. Did the development team of several people not realize this?

    If you don't like the answer, it doesn't mean it's unacceptable.

    Stating this way, you wouldn't get most of the answers.

    When answering, I don't expect that you like it or not, but I focus on providing feedback from our side.

    The current content was made by another team than the previous system, and even with tests didn't end up like expected on the live server. Any mistakes, or flaws which were made, we will try to correct.

    Not being sure whether the system will change constantly reduces the pleasure of the game.

    It may not always be possible to bring a solution without major changes.

    We are trying to adjust the features soon after implementation.

    Some adjustments can be just one patch, some can take longer.

    This is a part of game development, and we keep in mind during that, that constant changes in the system, may cause players being annoyed, so we consider it during the process.

    You have a big (HUGE) design problem in your team and we told you trillions of times but still we are ignored.

    Not sure where your assumptions regarding the team come from, but we don't have any issues.

    The team is growing month by month, so we can add more updates to the game.

    The longer we will work together with new DEVs, the better content quality will be.

    There is no intention to implement features which will makes the product worse.

    We are considering the feedback, and commonly based on it, adjustments are made.

    It's not possible to fit into every player needs, at the current size of the player base.

    It's also not possible to create a bug-free content, not matter of the amount of tests.

    These artefacts were designed to be farmed by killing mobs, not killing bosses. Just READ the recipe. Any player could notice after first minute that bosses weren't needed. I'm shocked you guys didn't even think about it.

    It was supposed to include mainly bosses, not just trash with daily quests.

    Trash was supposed to be an addition, and being way less effective than full run.

    If it turned differently, it wasn't our intention.

    Of course there is a punishment. You failed in design. Instead of changing on first day before anyone did the first item, you waited and now many crafted it.

    Punishment would be, if we remove what players obtained - we didn't.

    Yes, the final output wasn't as intended, no one is hiding that, it was already stated before.

    It could be adjusted faster, but was done at the time when it was possible.

    From now on, should we play thinking the new content we farm will be removed for "overuses"?

    Your question is incorrect, as based on wrong assumption that everything what we implement, is broken, but it's not.

    If content will not bring expected results, and is breaking the idea by unexpected events, we will adjust it.

    This also apply to parts which may look obvious, but wasn't found during testing process.

    Even if you aren't happy from the output, bringing any ideas and solutions will always be helpful.

    These can be discussed freely with other players, and by that it helps us to consider it with updates.

    A post with only complains and tension won't help in this process.