Bard Class [Feedback]

  • Regarding Bard/Warrior.

    Really fun class design, but there currently are multiple issues with this class.

    First off, ressource management. You're constantly out of both Focus and Rage, especially when moving from mob to mob in fast runs. I suggest changing Berserker Rune to procc with both main and offhand, mainhand hits restore Focus and offhand hits Rage (as they already do).

    Moreover, Warcry has become a pointless skill. Let me elaborate. It used to fear enemies, but because it has a buff tied to it the fear effect got removed. Nowadays it's a skill that does nothing but waste a gcd to apply a buff every 20 seconds. Please remove the requirement to hit a target and make it a 15min buff.

  • Regarding Bard/Knight

    @devs can you check if this class gets any additional damage compared with other tank classes?

    Maybe there is a damage increase mistake instead of damage mitigation in some passive?

    I ask bcs I really get huge damage with this class :D