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    If you click on the missing cendril part in the upgrade window, it will auto transmute it if you have the required amount in your bag pack. There is also an add on called Cendril Helper that adds another frame to the AT that lets you select what amount of higher parts you want and auto transmute it if you have the required lower parts.

    The highest crafted gear set I have seen is the transformed Tikal set from the person that you get transported to after getting boosted to lvl 80. That’s lvl 102 set that is a bit worse than the actual Tikal sets.

    Well crap. Guess i'll have to rent 3 or 4 bags for 2 or 3 more weeks o_o

    You can get bag expansion scrolls from one of the mini games ( the one that takes you to SS, from Kat something person). It’s random bags 3-6 for either 3 or 7 days (can’t remember).

    I have found it’s cheaper to rent bags 7-12 for a year than buy them outright if you have limited Dias.

    lvl 99 onward instances and zones will drop clean t6 gear. You can also get clean gear from the loser siege war package (sorry, I forgot the name). If you don’t do siege war, you can exchange mems for badges of trial to buy the packages.

    As a healer, what stat should I be using to get the most out of:

    1) burst heal

    2) heal over time

    As a d/m with 34.4k wis, 5k int, 20k mdmg, 29k mattk and 38.4k healing bonus and 134.9% heal power rate; I do Recover (104) for a burst of 101.7k (critc) and 11.6k HoT.

    As a d/m with 8.2k wis, 52.6k int, 29.9k mdmg, 213.2k mattk, 0 healing bonus and 125.9% heal power rate; I do Recover (104) for a burst of 75k (critc) and 9.4k HoT

    As a m/d with 7.8k wis, 52.8k int, 29.4k mdmg, 213.5k mattk, 0 healing bonus and 100% heal power rate; I do Recover (104) for a burst of 97.8k (critc) and 7.3k HoT

    I thought getting more wis is supposed to improve healing? But the increase don't seem to be as substantial as I thought it should be.

    Do I need to add some int or mattk in there too to get more healing in the first case?

    And is the heal power rate reducing burst heal and increasing HoT?

    It has also normal droprate (which is already increased on Arcadia).


    Are you sure? I just ran dreamland with 618% drop rate and it just dropped 19 breathable silk. Total mobs killed 295 + 14 bosses.

    Ran Dynamic Mirror Laboratory 5 times (538% droprate) and got a total of 10 breathable silk. That's a total of 325 mobs killed.

    I kind of remember more of silks dropping back in the day (in 2017).

    Edit: I did a bit more testing, If there is only 1 mob being hit, stars of light only hits 5 time. If there are 2 or 3 mobs in range, it hits 25 times between them (not sure which mob gets hit how many times). the skill says it explodes and hits up to 5 targets but it looks like it reflects and hit all 5 times before the uptick in dmg by 3% (attacking 1 mob shows dmg inc by 3% correctly per buff tick, so ignore that part).

    The skill Stars of Light hits 25 times for 1 full channel. Pretty sure it's only supposed to hit 5 times.

    It hits 5 times, than combat log says we got a stack of Stars of Light (but the buff says Brilliance Award), than hits 5 more times and this continues till we get 5 stack of the buff.

    Please also note that the buff (Brilliance Award) says that Light dmg is increase by 15% but each consecutive hit is actually decreasing dmg before the buff ticks and it starts from the original dmg and decreases 4 more time.

    I believe the shield for the maggot in the water cave is set to absorb a certain number of hits (is not dependent on how hard you hit them, just how many times you can) before they refresh the buff. So stack on dots and use skills that lets you hit faster and you should be able to get the shield off.

    I do agree that clumping these as a group is making it harder for people that can not 1 hit them. Perhaps spreading them around the instance so that you can only pull 1-2 of these at a time might be the answer.

    I know this can be done, I'm just saying it doesn't have to be this hard (specially due to this being old content and only being run to get ISS). And the only reason this is as hard as it is, is due to the meat not doing it job properly!

    I did not hit the zombies at all. I just went near them to aggro them but once aggro'd they will not even look at meat.

    I didn't really try bursting the adds but the few fireballs/earth groaning wind blades I threw at them let me know that this was not a viable solution for me to get all 8 waves dead. I was running solo with alts as a m/wd.

    I was able to do this event with just candle/wine but it was harder than it needs to be due to not being able to stop moving by transferring aggro to meat.

    And now that you mention it, I vaguely remember (just returned to playing since 2017) the zombies going to the meat after they have hit the tank once... which is not something I can survive as a m/wd! lol.

    I believe this can be solved by having meat do a room wide aoe for low dmg but very high aggro modifier.

    Once the Zombies were aggro'd by a player, meat did not pull aggro. Non-aggro'd Zombies did get pulled to meat but afterwards went back to their original position and de-aggro'd (no attack or wine/candle/soup was thrown at the zombies that were pulled by meat).

    The Charity Auction event take place from 8 to 23 CEST. That is 2 to 17 EST which is where I am at.

    This means that the event take place when I am sleeping or at work, which would be true for most of people in America and Canada.

    Would it be possible to make it a whole day event instead of just part of it please?

    The magic circle daily near the snoop in the moorlands is a good daily that can be done in a group and all the group members will get credit for it when one completes it.
    All you have to do is accept the quest, run around in a circle clicking on runes. Channel time is 3ish sec. Does not require main quest line.

    It really is very easy to farm mirror world.

    With my main mage, it only takes me about 5 min per instance.

    I spent about 2k Dias on an alt (1.5k on a tiered and plussed bow from hos) and now it is able to do all the mirrorworld instances except the hoto one (those swarms of mobs!). The alt is a S/wd with starter lvl 80 gear + 3 lvl 98 crafted gear for belt, lower body and hands. All gear is plussed 12 or less.

    So you can very easily farm mirrorwild by creating alts.