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    Bugfixes and changes

    • Minor localization adjustments
    • It will no longer be possible to repeatedly send the same message on world chat
    • Icons, skins, position any types of the level 99 "Energy of Justice" armors have been corrected
    • General fix of the "Secret Temple of Tikal" attunement quest line
    • Talent Points rates on Ice Blade Plateau include now correct rates for Easy, Normal and Hard mode
    • Tactic events for Ice Blade Plateau bosses have been updated
    • Following quests on Korris and Faristan zones have been fixed

    ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌‌ ‌ ‌ ‌- Battle with the Minotaur Warlord
    ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌‌ ‌ ‌ ‌- The Leader of the Cyclopes
    ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌‌ ‌ ‌ ‌- Arlya's New Discovery

    ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌‌ ‌ ‌ ‌- Blockade of the Darkfell Altar
    ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌‌ ‌ ‌ ‌- Destruction of the Darkwind Talisman

    ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌‌ ‌ ‌ ‌- All Quiet in the Holy City?

    Patch - Korris


    • New Zone: Korris
    • New Instance: Ice Blade Plateau (Easy, Normal, Hard)
    • Plenty of new quests, titles and items
    • 100 additional furniture slots have been enabled. You can now buy up to 200 slots in your houses.

    Additional Stuff

    • Snoop, Housemaid and Auction House Clerk have been added to Korris, you will find them in the Secluded Bay
    • Drop rate for Boss cards in Inferno of Divinity has been increased


    • Set bonus of the upper body chain set from Inferno of Divinity has been corrected and will give now 15% attack speed

    • S/R Elite Exploiting Shot will now have the correct effect level at 51+

    • Multiple localization adjustments

    • Clear Thought and Family Ties can now be applied simultaneously

    • Level 99 Items for honor points now have the correct icons

    • 236 Stamina / 590 Physical Attack Safeguard of the Mountain Pilgrim is not nameless anymore

    • Princess of Morfantas Stone Statue is now also obtainable when a player already completed the quest Save Our Faith

    • Global Drop Rate bonus was not working correctly, it has been fixed and set to x7

    You should write your questions in english language if you expect an answer from the community.

    However we are currently investigating the high crash rate in varanas and we will try to find a solution.

    Several mobs attack my priest with hits of 32 or 33, some even with 38.
    But during these attacks I also see in my Combat Log hits of 3K (3000 hitpoints) up to 4,5K (4500 hitpoints), these hits are way to powerfull for that level!

    The simpliest way would be to just show us a screenshot of your combat log when the situation appears

    Patch Notes

    Inferno of Divinity

    • Strength of monsters and bosses has been adjusted
    • ‌An issue with random entering/leaving combat has been resolved
    • Most other known issues with the bosses‌ have been resolved
    • Players will not be able to use Provisions Courier's High-Speed Blessing buff in the instance

    Diamonds and Gold trade

    • Cedric diamond price: 1 diamond for 800.000 gold
    • Agnes gold price: 600.000 gold for 1 diamond

    Other changes

    • All Arcadia custom cards have a new rarity and icon
    • The amount of items which players can put in the Auction House has been increased to 100 (AAH required )


    • Sabertooth Pet animation has been fixed
    • "Lava-Basin" Stats - secondary attribute has been adapted from 235 to 245
    • Auction house search allows now to filter items with level 100+


    • 3 new Mirrorworlds have been opened
      Dynamic Mirror Corridor, Steadfast Mirror Chamber, Mystical Mirror Nest
    • 3 new Cenedrils have been unlocked
      Solar, Razor, Topex
    • The former "group" system has been replaced
      Each instance has now its own reset counter
    • Everyday there will be a different set of free runs for some instances
    • Players will be able to enter ALL Mirrorworlds everyday, some will have a free entry,
      the rest will be accessible with a Mirrorworld Ticket
    • Mirrorworld Tickets are now available in the Item Shop
    • Former used Mirrorworld Reset Scrolls have no direct use anymore.
      People who still own this item, can use it and will obtain 3x Mirrorworld Ticket
    • A "Leave Instance" button has been added to the Mirrorworld Frame - it will be only visible inside a Mirrorworld
      Be careful: If you use this button, your progress in the current Mirrorworld will get lost and you will lose the free entry/Mirror ticket anyway!


    Music Festival

    • 26 new custom cards from festival mobs

    • 22 new hidden custom titles from festival events

    In addition to the rewards from previous versions, the following NPCs will grand players with Geo or Hydro Draconaris:
    NPCs John Bach and Wente Sallors - when exchanging 15 Notes and Musical Scores for rewards, players will also additionally receive 10
    Geo or Hydro Draconaris.

    Musical Scale

    • Event type: Play melody

    • Start location: Varanas

    • Event location: Varanas Central Plaza

    • Event Target: Talk to Venus Garter, memorize musical notes and play the tune correctly

    Cavy’s Riot

    • Event type: Kill monsters

    • Start location: Varanas

    • Event location: Varanas Bridge, Obsidian Stronghold Gates

    • Event Target: Find Cavy Riot and kill as many Cavies as possible

    • Reward: Musical Notes, Musical Scores, Phirius Potions

    Event type: Kill monsters

    • Start location: Varanas

    • Event location: Varanas Central Plaza

    • Event Target: Speak to John Bach, form a Group, pass by 3 checkpoints and fight off monsters, deliver Music Box safely to Lia Luther

    Lost Magic Note

    • Event type: find and kill monsters, movement

    • Start location: Dalanis

    • Event location: Dalanis, Thunderhoof Hills

    Music Parade

    • Event type: Music, Interaction

    • Start location: Varanas

    • Event location: Varanas Central Plaza

    • Event Target: Talk to Jade Baglama, receive instrument, take part in the Music Parade

    Rescue the Musical Angel

    • Event type: Fight, Puzzle

    • Start Location: Varanas Bridge

    • Event location: Forsaken Abbey

    • Event Target: Talk to Nedo Andus, transport to Event Location, touch platform to start event, solve energy puzzle and obtain treasure box

    Musical Energy Collection

    • Event type: Puzzle

    • Start Location: Varanas Bridge

    • Event location: Varanas Bridge

    • Event Target: Talk to Nala Melody, start musical device, solve the puzzle

    Gate Keeper

    • Event type: Movement, Puzzle

    • Start Location: Varanas

    • Event location: Varanas Central Plaza

    • Event Target: Talk to Armosen Lok, Hit the tunes on the Musical scale

    Turn the Gramophone!

    • Event type: Movement, Puzzle

    • Start Location: Varanas

    • Event location: Varanas Central Plaza

    • Event Target: Talk to Pullli, trade Torn Scores for Restored Score, start the gramophone, hit the right energy boxes

    @Asmodeush yes this is for real.
    You just seem not to understand the purpose of Aoth Accessories.

    They have been always "better" than other instances' ones, that's why they are rare and precious.
    If you do not like the new rings then just do not use them. And wait for new Aoth rings.

    Patch - Chamber of Elements


    • Level Cap raised to 104
    • New Zone "Chamber of Elements" which will contain a total of 3 Instances in future
    • New Paradise Custom Instance "Inferno of Divinity"
      - 5 Bosses with epic items
      - 2 new gear sets
      - plenty of new stats (yellow, red, pink)
    • Refining system for new armor
      - refine materials can be looted inside Inferno of Divinity
      - materials can be used to upgrade purple "non-set" items
      - the result is a red item with a pink stat


    • NPC Jimmy Crane:
      Simple Goods have been upgraded and level 104 items are available for 750 Arcadia Coins
    • Starter Package (Level 1) Contains now 5 Big Angel's Sigh
    • Warlock/Mage Lv 70 Elite "Silent Seal": This skill has been completely replaced
      New: "Soul Seal"
    • Extented Transport Book
      - transport book slots have been extended from 49 to 95 (7 to 14 pages)
      - every player can unlock Page 8 for free!
      - all unlocked pages will stay permanently


    • Rogue/Warrior "Shadowstab" : A bug which caused this skill healing your target has been resolved
    • A bug causing issues with the drop of Card - Forbidden Patrolman has been resolved
    • A bug causing issues with the drop of Card - Crazed Papowaka has been resolved
    • World boss Sismond now has the correct loot table

    Known Issues

    • Siege war packages must be opened as LvL 102 or less; Will be fixed with new patch
    • There is conflict with the Gift & Trade NPCs due to LvL 104 cap; Will be fixed with new patch

    Everyone can leave feedback about patch in our feedback thread:
    Patch - feedback

    Patch Notes


    • Quest "All Quiet in the Holy City?" has been fixed
    • Quest "Danger Ahead" has been fixed
    • Quest "The Hand of Balance" has been fixed
    • A problem with the Cenedrils Mersi and Mayi, which caused those pets taking damage from heals,
      has been resolved

    Other Changes

    • The cooldown from the Item Shop Wedding Rings has been removed, the costs of 1 Love Crystal per teleport will stay

    Patch Notes


    • Minor Localization Fixes
    • Conceal: This skill made the fairy spawn a Liphisto. This has been resolved.
      Also Conceal will make your fairy immune against AOE damage without any additional buff


    • Cenedrils may be summoned now from the Cenedril window.
      They will follow their Masters and support them in combat.

    • Arcadia Coins - This new currency will replace Ancient Mementos in Arcadia customs.
      They can not be traded yet, but already collected from now in the Secret Temple of Tikal

    • Titanium Hammers - These hammers can increase the durability of items by 1.
      They will be available first in today's Happy Hour promotion

    Patch Notes


    • Level 97 Planting Seeds have been added to the shop of Sam Paresh
    • Minor Localization Fixes
    • Bonepeak Quest "Hostages" can now be completed
    • Bonepeak Quest "Eliminating the Commanders" can now be completed
    • Bonepeak Quest "About the Omnisoul Sarcophagus" can now be completed
    • The Title "Two for the Price of One" can now be obtained


    • The Fire Festival has ended and the Flower Festival will start
    • You may obtain 10 Aero Draconaris from the Flower Festival Reward Representative in exchange for 4 Flower Festival Attendance Certificates
    • You can now exchange your Aquarius Pet and Aero Draconaris for the Tethys Draco


    • Preparation for some new functions and the (soon) upcoming new instance and zone

    Okay now feedback from developer side:

    • #1 This is not an AOE, it is a kill command for exploiter's pets. Sorry but kill commands can't be avoided by a fancy buff.
    • #2 Please find out how to play the correct rotation for your class. Lazyness won't be rewarded so if you want to use this skill you need to watch out when it appears.
    • #3 You are totally wrong. This Rogue/MAGE elite skill is supposed to do MAGICAL damage.

    Patch Notes


    • Buff Limit has been increased from 50 to 70. Visual Buff frame has been expanded from 32 to 70. (Addons like smartBuffBars are not affected by the visual changes)
    • Ancient Mementos now stack up to 25.000
    • Phirius Shells now stack up to 10.000


    • A bug which causes your Cenedril to "un-equip" in various situations has been resolved.


    thanks to some players we received an information about Aoth Drops in HOS Hardmode.

    The instance (as well as CL Hardmode) will stay closed until we found and resolved the problem.

    This should be done within the next 2 hours.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Both instances have been opened again. You can keep the items this time.


    Dear citizens of Paradise,

    tomorrow 24. Jan 2017 at 11:05 CET (after siege-wars) we will perform a server maintenance on Paradise.
    This maintenance may take longer than usual because we will adjust the Talent system and also force a TP reset on your characters.

    Tip: Make screenshots of your skill frames to know which skills need to be leveled up later.

    As always we will inform you about the online status of the server here and about all other changes in our forums.

    Stay tuned.

    Your Arcadia Team


    i think you are not talking about the Garden of Eden.
    Garden of Eden's only change was that mobs are red now so they can attack a player. Chiron works fine in this zone.

    You are probably talking about the weapon drill ground in sascilia steppes.
    There was no change at all, chiron prevetion is there since almost a year to avoid people oneshotting the guards.

    Patch Notes

    The snowflake festival has ended and the Festival of Fire found its way to Taborea

    • Additionally to the regular festival rewards, when exchanging 5 Festival of Fire Vouchers players will receive 20 Geo Draconaris at the following NPCs: Ajis and Lujken Lajet.
    • The Geo Draconaris can be exchanged for the new Crius Draco

    New Items

    • Transformation Potion - Sismond (30 minutes, 20% STR, 20% WIS)
    • Goblin Mines Repeat Ticket (Take this ticket to Mahler Palo to repeat the Goblin Mines minigame)


    • Warrior/Mage: Lightning Burn Weapon
    • before: Power of flame and electricity is reduced by 25%.

    • now: Power of flame and electricity is reduced by 5%.

    • Priest/... : Conceal: This skill now additionally buffs an AOE reduction onto your fairy.


    • Transformation Potion - Swamp Snake Men Hunter: This potion now gives again 20% DEX instead of 20% STR
    • Players can not avoid tactic in Drill Ground minigame (I want to survive) being out of mobs range
    • Tactic elements in Course of Terror mini game cannot be destroyed anymore by classes AOE skills (HP of them has been increased)

    Other changes

    • Garden of Eden: The mobs are now attacking and following players. Which means they can be pulled together for a more effective killing rate. Also the respawn time has been decreased.

    TP Cap:

    • A TP cap has been set for a test phase.
    • The cap is at 2,100,000,000 TP which is close below the initial dangerous "negative TP cap".
    • Players who already have negative TP may use an "Advanced Skill Reset Stone" which will reset all your TP onto the maximum of 2,100,000,000.
    • We do NOT reset the current player's TP now, but we will keep open this option for a later maintenance if needed


    unlike we announced earlier there will be no second Testserver stage.
    We have collected all your feedback and will try to consider it as much as possible.

    Also i can not announce a final release date yet, but as every year you will get your new content, promised.