Design Special Challenges and Games Contest

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    We're thrilled to celebrate a momentous occasion - our Game Anniversary! To make this event even more special, we invite you to participate in our "Design Special Challenges and Games Contest." Let your creativity shine and bring exciting challenges to life for your fellow adventurers.

    Contest Categories

    Treasure Maze

    Create a labyrinth in your house and cleverly hide treasures at various locations within the maze. Challenge other players to navigate the maze and uncover the hidden treasures.

    Obstacle Course

    Craft an exhilarating obstacle course within your house featuring jumps, traps, and challenging hurdles. Players will compete to achieve the fastest completion time.

    Art Gallery

    Transform your house into a captivating art gallery adorned with unique art pieces and relics that tell tales of the past. Invite other players to explore your museum and learn about the history behind each exhibit.

    How to Participate

    • Let your imagination run wild as you design and implement your chosen challenge or game.
    • Share your creation with the community by posting it in this contest thread.
    • The contest is open to registered forum members with a .PlayerNet account.
    • You can describe your elements in your native language, but please provide an English translation.
    • Don't forget to include your in-game character name.
    • Your submission should consist of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 screenshots related to your challenge or game. Screenshots should depict important moments in your creation.
    • Ensure that your submission adheres to our community guidelines and is not offensive or in violation of our Terms of Use.
    • Each participant must create a challenge or game that meets a minimum level of complexity. Simple constructions, such as basic square walls, will not be eligible for rewards.

    Important Dates

    • Contest submissions will be accepted until 23.09 23:59 CEST
    • All eligible participants will receive a Contestant's Gift Package.

    Game settings

    • The submission must be borderless or fullscreen mode.
    • The submission must be made with the highest graphic settings, you may force antialiasing [nvidia].
    • The image resolution should be a minimum of 1080p.
    • The image must be made as BMP (Interface settings -> Character information -> Screenshot in BMP).
    • The screenshot must be saved in PNG format.
    • You can use, Paint, or other software to convert from BMP to PNG.
    • The file name should follow the format [playername]-[date].png.
    • The dimensions of the image should be between 1000px (height) and 1180px (height), with 1920x1080 preferred. Wider images will be automatically cut, and any dimensions within the specified range will be automatically scaled to 1920x1080.
    • The image file size must not exceed 10 MB

    Event Terms

    • .PlayerNet Employees reserve the right to modify or cancel the contest and its rules at any time.
    • Our team will ensure that all participants adhere to the contest rules.
    • Harmful or malicious intent toward the contest or its participants will not be tolerated.
    • Each participant is allowed one submission.
    • Any submissions received after the deadline will be disqualified.

    Winner Prizes

    Our team will review all entries and select 3 winners based on creativity, quality, and relevance to the anniversary theme.

    We can't wait to see what you come up with!

  • I am offering you "Jump or noob" event contest in my house.

    All tested! No bans! 102m jumps allowed! Free entrance!

    A lovely start!

    Few obstacles, nothing complicated!

    View from my eagle - during creation and for proove I made it to this point!

    Fear of heights?

    Easy! Bag of cookies - cookie for every winner!

    - Leszix -

    Leszix, First of His Name, the Notbanned, King of the Memes and the Gifs

  • Elo,

    may I present you (again) my amazing maze! For those who don't already know, I built a real labyrinth, based on the movies Maze Runner, which is pretty accurate lore-wise, containing the glaze in the center (where you spawn), features the desert around it and of course a complex maze that took me about 20 hours to build (from planning to the final build) and is still being upgraded with new furniture that is released :pinch:

    And because it's the birthday of CoA, I wanna celebrate it with another own contest, just like I did on the release of my maze! (more info below)

    When I released my amazing maze, almost a year ago, I celebrated it with an own riddle, where players had to search dwarf children hiding inside the maze. Since the labyrinth is really huge, an unknown amount of dwarven children was lost again inside. Please help me finding them and bringing them back to their families!

    The first 2 players who send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE and a list with all correct coordinates of all 20 hiding dwarven children, will get

    💎💎💎10.000 Diamonds each💎💎💎

    as a finder's reward!!

    I found a photo of one dwarf child standing on a barrel next to the center wishing well on the glaze, maybe it helps you get an idea how the children look like. If I remember correctly, they all have the same height but wear different clothes...

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