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  • contact me in game pls

  • could You please contact me?

  • Hello, are you planning to resume the video contest?

  • Best Gm/Cm this game ever had! Much love to you ❤️

  • muchas gracias, todo recibido

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  • Hola, yo aun no he recibido mi premio, gracias

    Kikekrox .....Kiikekrox

  • Hello, it looks like there was an error with the event. During round 3, comments are closed under the topic

  • Whats the theme of the current video contest which has been extendend to end of march 2020? Is it like players-choice? Will the staff use the video in any form? (e.g. download and distribute) The zoomed in rule does that conser the video editing software or is that about in-game zoom(ego-perspective). Is copyrighted music allowed? Has the video to be set to public on youtube or just listed (available with a link)

  • when my rosolution 1366x768 how can i take 1080p screenshot?

  • Сколько скриншотов мне нужно сделать, чтобы принять участие в мероприятии?

    • 10 maximum screenshots, you can decide amount of them since it is advisable to make several ones

  • Скажите, мне нужно сделать один экран или много?

    • You can make several screenshots as long as they are not more than 10

    • Спасибо)

    • A pleasure to help. Good luck! :)

    • Quo, nito ayuda...….soy el manquete….