Weekend Promotion | 17.03.2023

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    Keep an eye out between 15:00 CET and 20.03.23 06:00 CET

    for the following items in our Weekend Promotion

    Breeding Slot Ticket

    Pet Pair Merging Ticket

    Neutralization Bar

    Pet abilities reset scroll

    Pet buffs reset scroll

    Magical Golden Hoe

    Magical Golden Hatchet

    Magical Golden Spade

    Powerful Pet Skill Potion

    Favorite Meal

    Awakening Potion

    Enhaceent potion

    Powerful Pet Growth potion

    Atlas Zinc

    Atlas Fairywood

    Atlas Fernleaf

    Flawless Ruby

    Original Sin Essence

    Soul Core

    Proof of Progress

    Old Bag

    Proof of Protection

    Dreamland Pioneer Sigil

    Badge of the Worldwide Fame

    Knowledge Gem

    Grand Golden Repair Hammer

    Quest Experience Charm

    Advanced Quest Experience Charm

    Superior Quest Experience Charm

    Golden Quest Experience Charm

    Quest Talent Charm

    Advanced Quest Talent Charm

    Superior Quest Talent Charm

    Golden Quest Talent Charm

    Production Luck Potion (1 Day)

    Production XP Potion

    Gathering XP Increase Potion

    Gathering Speed Increase Potion

    Superior Plant Growing Agent

    Bag of Link Runes

    Bag of Frost Runes

    Bag of Activate Runes

    Bag of Disenchant Runes

    Bag of Purify Runes

    Bag of Blend Runes

    Production Speed Potion

    Gun Encyclopedia (30 Days)

    Spear Encyclopedia (30 Days)

    Katana Encyclopedia (30 Days)

    Bow Encyclopedia (30 Days)

    Crossbow Encyclopedia (30 Days)

    Two-handed Hammer Encyclopedia (30 Days)

    Staff Encyclopedia (30 Days)

    Blunt Weapon Encyclopedia (30 Days)

    Two-handed Axe Encyclopedia (30 Days)

    Axe Encyclopedia (30 Days)

    Wand Encyclopedia (30 Days)

    Dagger Encyclopedia (30 Days)

    Two-handed Sword Encyclopedia (30 Days)

    Sword Encyclopedia (30 Days)

    Unarmed Combat Encyclopedia (30 Days)

    Defense Encyclopedia (30 Days)

    Crafting Skill Crafter Crafter Expansion Tickets

    Crafting Skill Expert Expansion Tickets

    Crafting Skill Master Expansion Tickets

    Crafting Skill Legend Expansion Tickets