Christmas Guild Screenshot Event

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    Celebrate Christmas with CoA! Take a beautiful screenshot with all your guild members inside your Guild Castle and share it with us. Be original, use guild decorations, costume skins, pets, furniture and whatever you like and take the funniest and most beautiful screenshot. The top 3 submissions will be used to design Christmas wallpapers that will be downloadable in our website for everyone who wants it and, in addition, the guild name of each winning screenshot will also be added to the wallpapers!


    • ‌One submission is allowed per guild
    • ‌Guild submission can be sent by guild leader or a representative of the guilds choice
    • ‌Screenshot must follow theme of Christmas Holiday
    • ‌Screenshot cannot be edited or modified
    • ‌‌UI, character names, and health bars must not be visible in screenshot
    • Participants must submit original screenshots taken on Paradise.
    • ‌Participants must be registered on the forum and have a .PlayerNet account.
    • Participants are limited to a maximum of 5 submissions.
    • Submissions must not infringe copyright.
    • Submissions must not be modified or edited.
    • Screenshot must taken inside Guild Castle
    • UI, character names and health bars must not be visible in the screenshot.
    • Any theme as long as it is not obscene, violent, offensive or of any subject that violates our TOU.
    • Your submission must be submitted as a response to this thread.
    • Only posts with submissions will be accepted.


    Game settings

    • The submission must be borderless or fullscreen mode.
    • The submission must be made with the highest graphic settings, you may force antialiasing [nvidia].
    • The image resolution should be minimum 1080p.
    • The image must be made as BMP (Interface settings -> Character information -> Screenshot in BMP).


    • The file format of the uploaded image must be PNG.
    • You can use, Paint or other software to convert from BMP to PNG.
    • The image file size must not exceed 10 mb.

    Contest Terms

    • .PlayerNet Employees reserve the right to cancel or change the contest, and/or its rules at any time.
    • .PlayerNet Employees will ensure that all participants comply with the rules of the contest.
    • .PlayerNet Employees reserve the right to exclude anyone who shows harmful intentions to the contest..

    Duration of the Contest

    The contest will end on: 04.01.23 at 23:59 CET.

    Please include:

    • ‌Guild which the entry is for
    • ‌Name of guild leader
    • ‌‌Names of participants seen in screenshot


    • 90.000.000 Guild Gold
    • 9.000.000 Guild Herb
    • 9.000.000 Guild Wood
    • 9.000.000 Guild Ore
    • 4.000.000 Guild Ruby
    • 4.000.000 Guild Rune
    • 3.000.000 Guild Stone
  • Late merry christmas, but still - from guild Bastion! And of course Happy New Year!

    Klaymen(guild leader), Proxima, Krasnoludeqq, Kopafa, Mazzi, Jiemma, Dwerg, Bjarkan, Arcanenl, Silverose

    Not all of us here, but you know, it's holidays!

  • Leader: Leszix
    Bilbobagins, Bociann, Stunter, Ramer, Ariehin, Hanzou, Morose, Celanil, Thain, Bydli, Nagasarete, Airforce, Johnkopytko

    Leszix, First of His Name, the Notbanned, King of the Memes and the Gifs

  • Merry Christmas 2023 from Riddermark^^

    Leader: Ghiana


    Katrinchen, Indìs, Luvé, Ludowike, Ghiana, Borke, Moonwish, Deki, Urania, Bigone, Blackshiva, Fossy, Opaklein, Cloee, Krima, Jona, Stoneriver and Shadowt

  • Merry Christmas (too late) and a Happy New Year 2023 from Guild "SUNRISER"

    Lead: Shanarin
    Member: Lêtty, Hòólie, Tomran, Mauseherz, Ziki, Tanul, Rolli, Fifeifo, Solitär, Einfachzwerg, Samuri, Jaco, Phaia, Grufti (sowie abwesend: Punka, Deraltemann, Tteufelchen)

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