Empty Class List

  • No idea since when this has changed, but I can't see any class in my list:


    Could swear this was fine before the latest patch :/

  • Okay, the bug seems to be gone after loggin in today. Can't reproduce it yet. No idea what that could have been.

    Anyway, here's my addon list, maybe something's known there :/

    Quote from /addon2

    project, project, adui, asbw, bagsearch, comeonin, waittimer, dailynotes, dungeonloots x64, eventhelper, sui_actionbarframe, extracharacterframe, sui_partyframe, sui_playerframe, ilg, ip x64, kampfmakros, lootomatic, mathe, petstate, romail2, scrutinizer, simpledamagelog, slash_afk, smartbb, styleresizer, vcthreatmeter, afguildsort, zyautoshot, zybloodarrow, zycancelbuff, zycheckbuffs, zyclassrota, zynayat, project, project, project, project, project

    "project" seems to be my ZZInfoBar and related addons, such as ZZTitles, ZZBagInfo, etc.

    Quote from /bug2

    [12:07:48] There is no interface error.