Weekend Promotion | 05.08.222

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    Keep an eye out between 05.08.22 15:00 CEST and 08.08.22 06:00 CEST
    for the following items in our
    Weekend Promotion

    Phirius Elixir - Type E

    Phirius Potion - Type C

    Grand Golden Repair Hammer

    Daily Quest Ticket

    Goblin Mines Repeat Ticket

    Mirrorworld Ticket

    Dual-Function Daily Quest Potion

    Sun Jewel - Orion

    Advanced Sun Jewel - Orion

    Sun Jewel - Orion Master

    Moon Jewel - Orion

    Advanced Moon Jewel - Orion

    Moon Jewel - Orion Master

    Star Jewel - Orion

    Advanced Star Jewel - Orion

    Star Jewel - Orion Master

    Nebula Jewel

    Advanced Nebula Jewel

    Master's Nebula Jewel

    Class Maximum Expansion Ticket

    Gender Change (Female)

    Gender Change (Male)

    Race Change (Elf)

    Race Change (Dwarf)

    Race Change (Human)

    Power Up Pill - Level 80

    Malatina's Rage Package

    Proof of Progress

    Old Bag

    Proof of Protection

    Dreamland Pioneer Sigil

    Badge of the Worldwide Fame

    Knowledge Gem

    Tier X Runes