Item Shop Suggestions ??

  • Pls remove this "item shop trashgestions" i waiting so long for badge of the worldwide fame not only me when i check topic... last time in HH they are 1.06 its more than 2 monhts but in this time u give 3 times charges




    idk like other but i use a lot badge fur title buff and im just angry right now u give charges 3 days after weekend promo with charges...


    "Do not request an item if you see that another player has recently requested the same item within the last 7 days or items that have been been in a promo within the last 2 weeks."

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    Thank you for your feedback on the suggestion thread.

    I am very sorry that the latest promotions have not been to your liking, I hope that they will be in the future.

    Best Regards.

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    Closed the thread.