"Invisibility" is canceled through the wall~in ATH (※from before Rework)

  • As noted by title. I remembered one old bug of Ancient Treasure Hunt, so I report it.

    And again, it's also "Invisibility" related.

    If player approach Ghost Guard Dog across the wall while using the skill "Invisibility", it's canceled through the wall.

    This bug have exist definitely from before the Mini-Game Rework patch.

    (Being from before the rework, so I write here)



    Just One More Thing.

    In the past, recovery items (both HP/MP) could be used during ATH, but since Rework, they have become unusable.

    This is just in case, also.

    For now, that's all for ATH related bugs.

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    We will investigate these and see if anything can be fixed.