About action bugs immediately after moving (loading) between zones

  • Considering the situation, because I thought this bug was known and be trying to deal with fix, so I didn't write for a long time. But since there is no sign that it will be fixed at all, I start reluctantly to post with a heavy waist. Troublesome.

    The bug that after moving from a zone (such as residence, instance, castle, etc.) to another zone, and after loading , if the character tries something, the landing action will be performed on the spot and the skill etc will be canceled immediately (if the character move back and forth, left and right, or jumps, it's corrected), when on earth will it be fixed?

    For a long time, it hasn't been fixed at all.

    In my memory, this had occasionally occured when something update since about 4 or 5 years ago.

    In other words, it happened from time to time, and it was fixed before I knew it.

    But now, for the past year or so, it's been happening and no longer fixed at all?

    Needless to say, the rudimentary personal level measures (client reinstallation, firewall settings, etc.) have been taken many times.


    Also the ambience bug (ambience sounds played in a specific area are not reset after moving to another zone and continue to be played) is still unfixed, too. This was posted about 2 years ago.

    It must be fixed quickly, too.


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    About first bug, are you able to record a video of it? Does it happen always with these conditions?

    About second issue, it was known only as house-related, but then gives some lights on. Are you sure it is 2 years old? Not a bit younger, as of 64-bit client update? I added it to our to-do list with high priority, but can't estimate when it may be checked and fixed.


  • Thank you reply.

    I think I can post the video tomorrow.

    Regarding the conditions of occurrence, if the above actions are taken at the above locations, "may occur".

    That is, it isn't 100%.

    More details will be written with tomorrow's video sample.


    As for Ambience, I searched past posts, but they seemed to be organized and no longer in the forum, but I had drafts in my PC I made everytime, so I looked them up. According to it, as you say, it is a symptom that has occurred since the introduction of 64-bit. That's no doubt.

    Your recognition of the current situation is OK.

    However, as a side note, this is not just a phenomenon of house (residence).

    The Ambience No-reset will continue in all area zones except the residence. Yes, until the player shuts down the client.

    And there is no way to shut it out other than lowering the volume.

    Compared to Step-Bug (naming), it's only annoying to players like me who value the worldview and mood. Therefore, it will certainly be a lower priority. It's no use.

    I'll continue to wait and wait.


  • Due to its large size, I uploaded it to YouTube.

    The subtitles in the video include supplementary explanations.

    In addition, I'd contacted support for another matter last week, but the answer "possible communication failure near the United States, which is the relay point for communication between Japan and Germany" may be related to this matter as well. This is speculation, though.

    Well, it may be possible because it is a distance equivalent to half the circumference of the earth.

    Anyway, Regards, To DEV.

  • Hello.

    All right.

    One thing I forgot to tell is that, also when charactor return from Miller's Ranch of Pykesile to Valanas, Obsidian Stronghold, etc, Step Bug occur.

    Just in case, an additional report.

    I feel relieved, so please work on it carefully.