[COMPLETED] Server Maintenance 09.01 16:00

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Server Maintenance 09.01 16:00” to “[COMPLETED] Server Maintenance 09.01 16:00”.
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    We started server with some technical changes. Server should be now more resistant for future attacks. We will continue to do next improvements in next days.

    Battlegrounds are temporary unavailable.

    Both patches have no Patch Notes.

    Weekend promotions will be prolonged.

    We will inform you about compensations soon.
    We are aware of ping size changes.

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    There may be possible issue with getting cores from bumps in some end game instances for some players, related to technical changes. We will verify it. If such issue happen to you, please ask team leader to send one ticket for entire group to support with nicknames of players who did not get core and screenshot/nicknames of all team party members. If we confirm issue, we will give all cores to players who miss them.

    Update: Issue should be fixed now. We will return missing cores later by mailbox.