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    we all know, that trading in the global chat can be pretty annoying sometimes, if it comes, that your posts are spammed away by some trashtalk, guild recruitement posts or other stuff. But auction isn't an alternative if you wanna sell your stuff fast. People keep spamming their "WTS" posts like any 30-60 seconds in order to display them in the chat.

    So I suggest, implementing an additional default global chat channel, every player has access to, only for trading (for example by command /trade). This chat channel could be displayed in the general chat tab, too, but should have the option to (un-)activate it in the chat settings as well. So players could add another tab only for trading to filter the useless stuff out of the chat.

    In other MMO's this already is a standard, which is very useful for players, because we all are traders somehow, some more, some less. And if you need a megaphone for usage, Idc.

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  • How you would like to force players, to post there only trading offers?

    I wouldn't force them, but ask them, I guess. If you get such an offer, you may use it... at least I would. And looking at other games, it seems that most players actually use that. Guess that's a thing the community could handle themselves.

  • If you ask and won't force, it won't work, but surely you can try.

    The game offer a function to create a public channel for free and invite players to it.

    If someone wants to, you can shout out about on world chat.

    Well, that private channel thing never worked imho. Either the channel disappeared after reloading ui or nobody used it. But as a default chat channel, I think, players would use it. I mean, I saw this in several other MMO's and it worked quite well overall, but everyone needs access to that. So a private channel wouldn't work.

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    The channel only disappear when all players leave it, so when it will be useful, it won't disappear.

    There are channels on COA for local communities, and they're running for months.

    In reality, it's private only by its name, it's public as everyone who know it can join it.

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