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    my opinion is just you and me knight main and no one cares about the knight class

    How is it an idea to strengthen the weapon as you use it?

    Example let's produce guns sealed, some conditions for removing seals and a certain progression to break the seal on every straight hit(0.0001) or

    each class use a unique skill count (Knight=Holy Strike/Warrior=Slash) depending on the breaking of the seal.

    Weapons gain powerful passive abilities.

    ı think my english is not enough to explain what ı want.

    ı will write 2 examples

    when knight-scout open bloody arrows he can increase party damage, patt or matt

    knight-warrior when open bersek rising party damage

    ı want tank challenging gameplay styles and styles that will make me focus more on the game.

    ı don't care about your damn agro or defense

    bro i am to lazy for it ı saying again i am player this is game ı will play it, if ı don't like it, ı will ask him to change it.
    ı don't care who plays what, where, with what equipment, if I'm not having fun, the rest is useless you know it
    ıf the management thinks it's playable, they won't do anything anyway.

    we talk about different topics, ı didn't write that its agro was bad

    then what buff this class need? the only problem I see is the mana shield, which isnt usable at all and is reported several times.

    Edit: if ppl saying "buff" it's always -> more dmg. and in relation to tanks it means in general "more aggro"

    ı cannot say for sure that this or that should be done i am player not a gm
    what i want to say knight-mage and knight-scout ı don't see it as the best option to play.
    ı asked them to make these classes playable

    Note : In short, they should keep track of which classes are played and which classes are not and change the ones that are not played.

    Knight/mage buff is needed, while it used to be the most played class, now it is not good to play anywhere.

    Knight/mage is one of the best aggro knights that exists o.o

    Most ppl play knight/druid bcs of... whatever reasen. in 6 ppl instances it is self explanary -> priest heal and someone plays /druid (mostly the tank in that case). maybe thats why most ppl play knight/druid. but the aggro is one of the better ones. with buffs up (intensification) it is the best knight aggro imho

    we talk about different topics, ı didn't write that its agro was bad

    we should be able to get more exp by choosing harder missions

    I agree. I also think its kind of rediculous to say "The level of the quest depends on the level of the char" and then give a lvl 105 char lvl 29 quests :D

    I thought your missions would be difficult, but I passed 3 levels, still very easy
    I suggest the option to make the tasks more difficult in color, example
    Green is easy/Red is very very hard

    Last one we need a prestije quest reset scrool

    But add magical defense, too 👁👄👁

    In fact, in exchange for sacrificing something (40% HP loss), the defence(FD-MD) breaking feature can be added.

    Could be fun :D


    if you want to play risky, It would be very strange to work in a way that stacks unlimited but breaks the tank armor with every hit(%1 boss=%2 tank ) the way the game is played can change completely then xD