Easter Screenshot Contest

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    Happy Easter to all the members of our Chronicles of Arcadia community!

    For our Easter event, take part in a themed construction contest. Whether you are a skilled builder or simply love decorating, this event is for you! There are two categories to choose from:

    • Easter Egg Hunt: Show off your building skills by creating an exciting Easter egg hunt course filled with colorful eggs, bunnies, flowers, and other Easter decorations.
    • House Decoration: Even if you don't want to create an Easter egg hunt course, you can still participate in the event by decorating your house with Easter-themed items

    Once you have completed your creation, take a screenshot and submit it to the contest thread. The 2 most impressive designs of each category will be rewarded with special prizes and the top voted from each category also win 3.000 diamonds! We look forward to seeing your creativity and celebrating the spirit of Easter with our community!


    • Participants must submit original screenshots taken on Paradise.
    • Participants must be registered on the forum and have a PlayerNet account.
    • Participants must submit 5 submissions.
    • Submissions must not infringe copyright.
    • Submissions must not be modified or edited.
    • Screenshots must be taken inside houses or on the Easter Egg Hunt course.
    • UI, character names, and health bars must not be visible in the screenshot.
    • Any theme as long as it is not obscene, violent, offensive or of any subject that violates our TOU.
    • Your submission must be submitted as a response to the contest thread.
    • Only posts with submissions will be accepted.
    • The deadline to submit your entry is by 30.04 23:59 CEST.


    Game settings:

    • The submission must be borderless or fullscreen mode.
    • The submission must be made with the highest graphic settings, you may force antialiasing [nvidia].
    • The image resolution should be a minimum of 1080p.
    • The image must be made as BMP (Interface settings -> Character information -> Screenshot in BMP).

    Saving and uploading:

    • The screenshot must be saved in PNG format.
    • You can use convertio.co, Paint, or other software to convert from BMP to PNG.
    • The file name should follow the format [playername]-[date].png.
    • The dimensions of the image should be between 1000px (height) and 1180px (height), with 1920x1080 preferred. Wider images will be automatically cut, and any dimensions within the specified range will be automatically scaled to 1920x1080.
    • The image file size must not exceed 10 MB

    Contest Terms:

    • .PlayerNet Employees reserve the right to cancel or change the contest, and/or its rules at any time.
    • .PlayerNet Employees will ensure that all participants comply with the rules of the contest.
    • .PlayerNet Employees reserve the right to exclude anyone who shows harmful intentions to the contest.

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