Monster Card Description Contest!

  • 777405 | Card - Bonebreaker - a prehistoric beast, that got its name through the bone crushing attacks of its hammerhead

    777406 | Card - Poisonous Cliff Worm - they come from the depths of the jungle en masse to repel the intruders, there is no protection against their venom

    777407 | Card - Cave Crow - they know no fear and their pointy, hard as steel beak penetrates even the toughest armor

    777408 | Card - Green Jungle Spider - living in hidden caves, deep within the jungle, anyone who disturbes them will be sealed by their magic, killed by their poison and then be eaten

    777409 | Card - Quagmire Hunchback - animated through black magic they wait in the jungleswaps to ambush adventurers

    777410 | Card - Mutated Bird of the Ruins - their beaks can break bones, but even more dangerous is the insurmountable storm summoned by their wings

    777411 | Card - Quagmire Reptile - no armor can withstand the powerful tailswipes of these reptiles dwelling in the jungleswaps in the kingdom of forgotten legends

    777412 | Card - Grass Creature - grown through magic, these moving leaves are not harmless, your armor is no challenge for their powerful jaws

    777413 | Card - Volcano Punisher - a magical construct, which uses the heat and lava of the volcano zone to kill every intruder

    777414 | Card - Snail of the Jungle - faster than their name lets on, their slime and bite is your lifes end

    777415 | Card - Volcano Bull - summoned by Astaroth, their herd will trample you and is fodder for Astaroth to grow its power

    777416 | Card - Volcano Guardian - as the guardian of the way to the crater it is very though, do not fight it, your loss would be guaranteed

    777417 | Card - Abere - transformed through magic, she hides in a cave. If you encounter her do not look at her face, the gaze of her snake hair will turn you to stone

    777418 | Card - Rock Giant Khat - transformed through magic experiments, it protects the mysterious ruins of the ivy-alter it lives in from nosy adventurers

    777419 | Card - Balton - transformed mage that, with his riddles, leads every intruder to ruin

    777420 | Card - Jerath - this creature is invincible from the outside thanks to the magic of its four hearts, let yourself be eaten if you want its death

    777421 | Card - Nayat - insane mage, exiled to the temple of memories for its evil deeds, to relive those over and over

    777422 | Card - Krishna - Ruler of terror, its crimes and the strive for divine power lead to its punishment, from which there is no return

    777423 | Card - Siddartha - follower of Krishna, that has not left them even in their punishment

    777424 | Card - Astaroth - ruler of the crater that knows many tricks and riddles to surmount all who dare to challenge it

    777453 | Card - Guard - magical devices designed to prevent the escape of those exiled to the Temple of Memories, do not attack

    777454 | Card - Realm Raider - thugs that fled to this place in hopes of easy prey

    777455 | Card - Weak Pale Khat - magical creature consumed by self-doubt, pay attention to its moods if you want to survive the encounter

    777505 | Card - Yohl Ik'nal - created by the magic of the temple of corrupt explorers, commands legions of minions to bring death to invaders

    777506 | Card - Crinis Koh - Monster summoned from the depths of darkness to smash explorers' bones with their tentacles and drain their life

    777507 | Card - Ek Chuaj - Demon, summoned and doomed to aid its master in battle, together they are difficult to defeat

    777508 | Card - Yaotl - Black magician who is capable of demon summoning and is therefore a dangerous opponent

    777509 | Card - Ah-Patnar-Unicob - Demonic water spirit, its magic will drown any attacker, don't stop if you don't want to be immersed in its magic

    777510 | Card - Ixchel - Construct made to battle and stop you in your way

    777511 | Card - Wrakal - Ruler of Tikal, its power rules the elements, beware of its ball lightning and energy blasts

    777527 | Card - Phargos - powerful dragon shaping the elements to his will, be quick and alert or you're dead

    777528 | Card - Small Drake Zhal - Servant and supporter of Zhargos, its attacks are deadly

    777529 | Card - Small Drake Phaso - Servant of Phargos, its might is not diminished

    777565 | Card - Terpsichore - old chief of thieves in the shrine of Kalin, you will not know when he cuts off your wallet

    770176 | Card - Tempest Height Beast Tamer - has mastered the art of taming hyenas and training them for battle

    777327 | Card - Mutated Entling - Tree transformed by the magic of the worshipers of the sun, always angry and ready to attack, do not come within its reach

    777329 | Card - Mutated Jyr'na Scout - lost scout succumbed to the magic of the sun temple, its arrows are deadly

    777343 | Card - Kadnis - Ruler of the Sun Temple, his tremendous power changed him too, do not challenge him or you will feel the power

    777544 | Card - Ayam Sound Shell Guardian - lives in the depths of the ocean, he blows on his conch, its sound freezes you and makes you easy prey

    770146 | Card - Giant Needle Cactus - King of needles, if you come to close you will be punctured

    770147 | Card - Giant Flower Cactus - Head of the flower cacti, the scent of their flowers makes you forget everything and then you are an easy victim

    777357 | Card - Sandlord Sesphiroth - powerful elemental that lives in its desert world, that if challenged , it will summon powerful sandstorms and stone elementals that will deny you victory

    770163 | card - Fruit Cactus - cacti of the dust devil canyon, its fruits are sweet but not harmless

    770162 | Card - Flower Cactus - cacti of the dust devil canyon, the fragrance of the flowers will lull you to sleep

    770164 | Card - Needle Cactus - cacti of the dust devil canyon, the needles are sharp and will pierce every armor, do not come to close

    777525 | Card - Aimina - Elemental summoned by the clash of the 4 winds, disappears again when the wind dies down

    777284 | Card - Flower Fairy - lovely creature that dwells in the special roses of the flower festival, if you want to see them, become a rose grower

    777152 | Card - Green Dragonfang Ice Beast - Creature summoned from the magical dreams of the juice festivals drunk males

    777153 | Card - Blue Dragonfang Ice Beast - Creature summoned from the magical dreams of the juice festivals drunk females

    777035 | Card - Heimdall - Protector of Loki, stands in the way of every intruder with his bear, there is no way around him

  • 777405 | Card - Bonebreaker:

    • Bonebreaker was a fierce warrior who lived many years ago. He defeated countless enemies throughout the wars, creating a legend in his own name.

    777406 | Card - Poisonous Cliff Worm:

    • The poisonous Cliff Worm is a huge worm that lives in deep tunnels in the rocks. Because it lives in the depths, it is rarely seen by humans, but sometimes it may come close to the surface to hunt.

    777407 | Card - Cave Crow:

    • The Cave Crow is a dark bird that lives in caves. It hunts at night and feeds mainly on small animals.

    777408 | Card - Green Jungle Spider:

    • Green Jungle Spider,is a large spider that lives deep in the forests. It produces a unique poisonous thread and kills its prey by grabbing them with these threads.

    777409 | Card - Quagmire Hunchback:

    • The Quagmire Hunchback is a giant man-like creature that lives in the swamps. He walks around with strong arms and shoulders, carrying a heavy knife.

    777410 | Card - Mutated Bird of the Ruins:

    • Ruins Mutant Bird is a strange bird that lives in dilapidated ruins. These birds have been exposed to environmental factors such as radiation and have mutated.

    777411 | Card - Quagmire Reptile:

    • This quagmire reptile is also tall and strong because it has grown over the years by hunting its numerous enemies.

    777412 | Card - Grass Creature:

    • Grass, one of the most basic forms of nature, needs life-giving sunlight, moist soil and an ecosystem full of living animals. Because the grass creature receives more sunlight and moisture than usual, it has grown extraordinarily large and quite strong.

    777413 | Card - Volcano Punisher:

    • It feeds on the fire born in volcanic eruptions and has a ruthless power of destruction. Like the volcano itself, this creature is dangerous and deadly.

    777414 | Card - Snail of the Jungle:

    • Snail of the Jungle,overshadowed by all other creatures, it has a power all its own.

    777415 | Card - Volcano Bull:

    • An incredibly powerful creature that lives at the foot of a volcano. Strong enough to survive a devastating eruption.

    777416 | Card - Volcano Guardian:

    • Using the power of the volcano, he slows the lava flows from deadly eruptions. He has a natural ability to control the relentless power of the volcano.

    777417 | Card - Abere:

    • Abere is a ghost armed with many swords and moves extremely fast. She is fond of her beauty and has the power to stone those who look into her eyes.

    777418 | Card - Rock Giant Khat:

    • Rock Giant Khat was a huge giant made of rocks, and in his hand he held a gigantic pole, controlling the power of the rocks, which he was not averse to using against his enemies.

    777419 | Card - Balton:

    • Balton is one of the most ruthless creatures of the Forgotten Legends, and his greatest strength is his natural armour, which is superior to any weapon.

    777420 | Card - Jerath:

    • There was no information about where Jerath actually came from, but he has the power to repel enemies around him using poisonous worms.

    777421 | Card - Nayat:

    • Nayat was a ranger of the Forgotten Realm with his brothers, his agility and strength allowing him to easily defeat his enemies.

    777422 | Card - Krishna:

    • Krishna was one of the brothers of the Forgotten realm who possessed the power of destruction and could use natural elements such as fire, ice and electricity.

    777423 | Card - Siddartha:

    • Siddartha was one of the brothers with the power of the mind and could possess the minds of the Warriors who visited the Forgotten realm.

    777453 | Card - Guard:

    • The Guard is the protector of the city, ensuring the safety of people and assets. A powerful defender, the Guard is always prepared for dangers and ensures that the city always feels safe for its inhabitants.

    777454 | Card - Realm Raider:

    • The Realm Raider is a pirate who travels the world for destruction and looting. Wanting to live in a world where he wants everything for himself, this ruthless pirate plunders any city and ravages the environment to obtain its resources.

    777455 | Card - Weak Pale Khat:

    • The weak Pale Khat is a weak and helpless creature. Despite its small appearance, it is known as a sly tactician. It can disappear in the eyes of those who harm it and no one will notice it.

    777505 | Card - Yohl Ik'nal:

    • Yohl Ik'nal was an ancient Mayan queen. She was renowned for her beauty and intrigue. She was known to be willing to do whatever it took for herself.

    777506 | Card - Crinis Koh:

    • Crinis Koh is a mysterious sorceress. With her unique magical powers, she is a trickster who can always prevail in any situation.

    777507 | Card - Ek Chuaj:

    • Ek Chuaj is the traditional Mayan god of war. A powerful warrior, Ek Chuaj is said to encourage brave warriors and guide them in battle.

    777508 | Card - Yaotl:

    • Yaotl is the dark Mayan god. He is shown to be terrifying and ruthless. People were sacrificed to worship him.

    777509 | Card - Ah-Patnar-Unicob:

    • Ah-Patnar-Unicob is known as a mythical creature. Its appearance is striking and it is believed to possess mystical powers. Most people are not sure whether this creature really exists.

    777510 | Card - Ixchel:

    • Ixchel is the goddess of beauty, fertility and holy water. But she has the power to defeat her enemies with her own clones against her enemies. She is associated with the moon and water.

    777511 | Card - Wrakal:

    • Wrakal is known as the protector of a lost Mayan city. He fights fiercely against evil-doers and protects the city's heritage.

    777527 | Card - Phargos:

    • Phargos, a powerful dragon, was once the king of the skies. But one day, he grew greedy and tried to take over the kingdom of the sea as well. The sea creatures, led by the mighty Leviathan, fought back and Phargos was defeated. He was banished to the desolate mountains where he now roams, seeking revenge and plotting his return to power.

    777528 | Card - Small Drake Zhal:

    • Zhal is a small but quick and nimble drake, living in the forests of the north. He often hunts for small game, but is always on the lookout for a bigger challenge.

    777529 | Card - Small Drake Phaso:

    • Phaso is a small drake with a fiery temper. He lives in the depths of the volcano, where he is always on the lookout for prey to feed his insatiable hunger.

    777565 | Card - Terpsichore:

    • Terpsichore is the goddess of dance and music, who brings joy and inspiration to all who hear her melodies. She roams the world, playing her music and spreading happiness wherever she goes.

    770176 | Card - Tempest Height Beast Tamer:

    • The Tempest Height Beast Tamer is a skilled warrior who has the power to tame even the wildest of beasts. He travels the land, seeking out powerful creatures to add to his collection, always looking for a new challenge.

    777327 | Card - Mutated Entling:

    • The Mutated Entling was once a peaceful tree spirit, but something went wrong and it mutated into a monster. It now roams the forests, seeking revenge against those who wronged it and terrorizing the creatures that once called it friend.

    777329 | Card - Mutated Jyr'na Scout:

    • Once a loyal scout of the Jyr'na tribe, the creature depicted on this card has undergone a radical transformation after exposure to a strange mutagenic substance. The once nimble and stealthy scout is now a hulking mass of muscle and tentacles with a twisted and malevolent mind.

    777343 | Card - Kadnis:

    • Kadnis is a powerful sorceress, known throughout the land for her mastery of the arcane arts. His skills are so great that some believe him to be a goddess in human form.

    777544 | Card - Ayam Sound Shell Guardian:

    • The Ayam Sound Shell Guardian is a giant sea snail with an incredibly powerful sound attack. When threatened, the creature can emit a deafening roar that can shatter stones and cause tsunamis.

    770146 | Card - Giant Needle Cactus:

    • The Giant Needle Cactus is a rare and exotic plant found only in the most arid and desolate regions of the world. It is covered with long, needle-like spines that can pierce even the toughest armour.

    770147 | Card - Giant Flower Cactus:

    • The Giant Flower Cactus is a strange and beautiful plant revered by many as a symbol of life and rebirth in the harsh desert environment. It blooms only once a year and produces bright colours and intoxicating scents that attract creatures from miles around.

    777357 | Card - Sandlord Sesphiroth:

    • Sesphiroth, the Sand Lord, is a mythical creature rumoured to inhabit the deepest, darkest corners of the desert. It is a colossal being, towering above all other creatures and shrouded in a swirling sandstorm that makes it almost impossible to see.

    770163 | Card - Fruit Cactus:

    • In a world where plants have been transformed into sentient beings, the Fruit Cactus is one of the most valuable beings. Its fruits contain a magical elixir that can heal all kinds of wounds and restore the vitality of the person who drinks it.

    770162 | Card - Flower Cactus:

    • The flower cactus is a beautiful and delicate plant that blooms only once a year. The flowers are so vibrant and colourful that they attract all kinds of insects and animals.

    770164 | Card - Needle Cactus:

    • The Needle Cactus is a fierce and spiky plant that is feared by many. Its needles are so sharp that they can puncture even the toughest armor. The Needle Cactus is often used as a defensive barrier around homes and fortresses to keep out intruders.

    777525 | Card - Aimina:

    • Aimina is a powerful sorceress who has mastered the art of nature magic. She is often seen traveling through the wilderness, tending to the plants and animals that she encounters. She is known to have the ability to communicate with plants and animals and can even control them to do her bidding.

    777284 | Card - Flower Fairy:

    • The Flower Fairy is a gentle and kind creature who lives among the flowers. She is often seen flitting from flower to flower, spreading pollen and making sure that each flower is healthy and vibrant. The Flower Fairy is highly respected by all of the plants and animals in the forest and is known for her healing powers.

    777152 | Card - Green Dragonfang Ice Beast:

    • Living in the icy lands, the Green Dragon is famous for its armour made of ice crystals and its deadly claws. For many years it lived only in the icy lands, but recently temperatures have begun to rise

    777153 | Card - Blue Dragonfang Ice Beast

    • The Blue Dragontooth ice monster is a creature that lives in the icy lands and is covered in powerful blue crystals. According to legends, the Blue Dragonfly is known as the protector of the icy lands.

    777035 | Card - Heimdall

    • Heimdall is a God who protects the world as part of Inferno and holds the gigantic hammer Gjallarhorn. According to legends, Heimdall is an incredibly powerful and protective God, ready to defend the kingdom of Inferno against any threat.

  • 777406 | Card - Poisonous Cliff Worm

    Being as poisonous as weak, this Worm attacks in groups and tries to kill it's prey with poison. His other attacks are close to harmless.

    777407 | Card - Cave Crow

    Many adventureres report of beeing attacked by Strange Crows in Caves deep in the Realm of the forgotten Legends. Being stripped of their power, almost feeling like it is beeing halfed.

    777408 | Card - Green Jungle Spider

    This lethal spider sparks fear in the bravest of Warriors, beeing a true Arachnophobics nightmare.

    777409 | Card - Quagmire Hunchback

    Not to be confused with the character from Family guy, you still shouldn't leave anyone alone with them.

    777410 | Card - Mutated Bird of the Ruins

    A humongus bird that creates whirlwinds with it's screems. Some can't live throught those winds.

    777411 | Card - Quagmire Reptile

    Another Offspring from the Family Guy Quagmire, this specific specimen fled a laboratory to find it's place in the wildlife

    777412 | Card - Grass Creature

    If you think Creatures gotta be huge to kill you, this Grass Creature will show you how strong it can be

    777413 | Card - Volcano Punisher

    Beeing one of the main inhabitants of Volcanos these Volcano Punishers will defend their home relentlessly

    777414 | Card - Snail of the Jungle

    A super fast Snail, for snail standards. These little cute Snails honestly just want to cuddle, but will defend themselfs firecfully, if attacked

    777415 | Card - Volcano Bull

    Beeing Astaroths feeble Servants, these Volcano Bulls will come to it's masters health to defend the Realm of the forgotten legends, no matter what

    777416 | Card - Volcano Guardian

    Defending their home with everything they got, they will not shy away from atacking the most vulnerable members of the Enemy group

    777417 | Card - Abere

    Beeing Medusas little Sister, Abere tried to absorb some of the Powers of the Realm of the forgotten Legends to return back to the heart of the ocean to claim the Throne from her bigger Sisster.

    777419 | Card - Balton

    A tricky little humanoid, that plays trick on even the smartest enemy and strongest ally. Despite it's height, he is a formidable fighter and near impossible to beat in man to creature combat.

    777420 | Card - Jerath

    Indestructable from the outside, his one Weakness remains his every growing hunger, making it possible to kill the unkillable from the inside. Would he just chew....

    777421 | Card - Nayat

    The strongest of the 3 siblings. protecting the entrance of the Realm of the forgotten Legends, always looking out for her kind.

    777422 | Card - Krishna

    Krishna died long ago in a forgotten war. Only rising from his grave to aid his sister Nayat in battle

    777423 | Card - Siddartha

    Siddartha only passed away recently. Thoght Nayat misses her brother she only uses her limited power to ressurrect her in times of need

    777424 | Card - Astaroth

    Astaroth, this name sends shivers down the spines of any mortal. Beeing the Ruler of the forgotten Legends and one of the strongest Demons to ever exist. He is never to be underestimated.

    777453 | Card - Guard

    They told him that he would see the World. Now he just stands guard and rethinks his life choices.

    777455 | Card - Weak Pale Khat

    After beeing defeated Khat still has enough strenght to drag his body around the Realm of the forgotten Legends.

    777505 | Card - Yohl Ik'nal

    Once the Royal defender of the Temple of Tikal. Yohl Ik'nal and her fellow undead Soldiers are still ready for duty. even in death

    777506 | Card - Crinis Koh

    An ancient beeing, now and feared as the kranken, is now bound by old and dark magic in the Temple of Tikal. Beeing happy for every new foolish group of adventurers who are foolish enough to serve him as food.

    777509 | Card - Ah-Patnar-Unicob

    Once a powerful Shaman Ah-Patnar-Unicob manged to control the water spirits, power greedy as he is, he transformed himself into one of them, only to find out that he is now ensared in the old magic he thought he could control. Living throught the endless cicle of nearly drowning and losing control.

    777510 | Card - Ixchel

    A Banka that cooperates with Hydra DNA infused spiders to protect him from his one weakness: Area of Effect Damage.

    777511 | Card - Wrakal

    Once a proud Angren and follower of Raksha. Wrakal parted with his fellow Angren in exchange for Power. He since thirsts for the power of the elves. Wheter the Jyr'na Elves or any other.

    777527 | Card - Phargos

    The little Dragon, compared to Zhargos was always laughed about by many for his height. This led Phargos to travel far and wide to bring devastation and havoc onto all those who would not fear him.

    777035 | Card - Heimdall

    Proud, strong and inseperatable with his bear. This Strong Warrior and Defender of Midgard is loyal till death. His love for his bear is only surpassed by his honor to Midgard.

  • 777405 | Card - Bonebreaker

    Recognizable by his durable armor and hispowerful hammer-shaped Horn. Its thundering charge can break through even the toughest defenses, leaving its enemies shattered and vulnerable.

    777406 | Card - Poisonous Cliff Worm

    The Poisonous Cliff Worm is a deadly creature that burrows beneath the ground, waiting to strike its prey. Its slimy skin poison´s you in a way that will let you gasp for your Life.

    777407 | Card - Cave Crow

    This Aggressive Crow is a menacing bird with razor-sharp talons and a sharp beak. It swoops down on unsuspecting prey, attacking with ferocity and leaving behind a trail of feathers and blood.

    777408 | Card - Green Jungle Spider

    A large arachnid with venomous fangs.It spins webs between the trees, waiting to ensnare its prey and inject them with a paralyzing toxin.

    777409 | Card - Quagmire Hunchback

    This Ancient Rotten Tree is a massive creature that resides in a swamp. Its bark-like skin is covered in fungus and moss, lashing out with its tangled roots to ensnare its prey.

    777410 | Card - Mutated Bird of the Ruins

    Known for his talent to summon lightning storms. Its piercing cry can shake the very earth you stand on.

    777411 | Card - Quagmire Reptile

    The Quagmire Reptile is a scaly, amphibious creature that lurks in the murky swamps. Its webbed feet allow it to move quickly through the water, while its sharp teeth and powerful tail make it a formidable predator on land.

    777412 | Card - Grass Creature

    Resembling a living leaf. It can blend into its surroundings seamlessly and use its natural camouflage to avoid detection, making it a difficult foe to track down.

    777413 | Card - Volcano Punisher

    a mechanical monstrosity with a fiery core that glows like molten lava. It strides through the landscape with a relentless gait, and its metal limbs and powerful weapons make it a formidable opponent for any adventurer.

    777414 | Card - Snail of the Jungle

    Its sturdy shell protects it from predators, and it feeds on the lush vegetation that grows in the humid jungle.

    777415 | Card - Volcano Bull

    The Volcano Bull is a fearsome creature adapted to survive in the scorching heat of a volcanic world. Its tough hide is resistant to extreme temperatures, and its powerful horn can pierce through even the hardest rock.

    777416 | Card - Volcano Guardian

    A stalwart warrior tasked with protecting the fiery depths of the volcano. Clad in heavy armor,the guard is a formidable opponent for any adventurer who dares to challenge the volcano's might.

    777417 | Card - Abere

    Abere is a terrifying creature with her hair made of living snakes, and she can turn her enemies to stone with a single glance from her piercing eyes.

    777418 | Card - Rock Giant Khat

    A massive creature made entirely of stone. Its powerful limbs can shatter boulders, and its impenetrable skin makes it nearly invulnerable to most weapons.

    777419 | Card - Balton

    A small, wiry creature with a fierce determination and an unshakeable connection to the spirits of the jungle.

    777420 | Card - Jerath

    Balton is small but deadly being with a fierce determination and an unshakeable connection to the spirits of the jungle

    777421 | Card - Nayat

    Nayat is an ancient being shrouded in mystery and draped in a flowing black robe. Rumored to be thousands of years old and possessing immense magical power, Nayat resides deep in the heart of the jungle, guarding its secrets and ancient treasures.

    777422 | Card - Krishna

    Krishna is an enigmatic figure tasked with guarding Nayat, the ancient being shrouded in a black robe. Possessing incredible strength and wielding powerful magic, Krishna is a formidable opponent to any adventurer who dares to approach Nayat's domain in the heart of the jungle.

    777423 | Card - Siddartha

    With an unwavering resolve and powerful magic at his disposal, Siddhartha is a formidable guardian who will stop at nothing to protect Nayat and the secrets that lie within.

    777424 | Card - Astaroth

    Astaroth is a fearsome creature that has lived for millennia in the scorching Heat. Possessing immense strength and magical powers, the he is tasked with protecting the treasures and secrets that lie buried deep beneath the molten earth. Can you solve his riddles?

    777453 | Card - Guard

    This Little Robot is a mysterious creature that appears to adventurers and challenges them to solve its riddle. With a metallic exterior and a glowing eye, the Guardian is a curious and enigmatic figure that may hold the key to unlocking hidden knowledge and treasures.

    777454 | Card - Realm Raider

    The Realm Raider is a notorious bandit who prowls the land, raiding clueless adventurer for treasure and glory. With a cunning mind and a quick blade, the Realm Raider is a fearsome opponent who leaves destruction in their wake.

    777455 | Card - Weak Pale Khat

    Rock Giant Khat´s Little Brother , leading others to a treasure he can´t posses.

    777505 | Card - Yohl Ik'nal

    Yohl Ik'nal is a powerful deity revered by many. Known for her deadly ability to rain down hails of arrows upon her enemies, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her followers believe that her favor brings them victory in battle and protection from harm.

    777506 | Card - Crinis Koh

    A fearsome monster with four slimy tentacles that it uses to ensnare and attack its prey. Its mottled hide and robust skin make it a terrifying sight to behold, and only the bravest adventurers dare to venture into its lair.

    777507 | Card - Ek Chuaj

    In the heart of the Temple, a shaman stands tall with a gaze that seems to pierce through your very soul. The air around them is charged with magic, hinting at their powerful abilities.

    777508 | Card - Yaotl

    Yaotl stalking through the dense jungle, his spear in hand and the skulls of his defeated foes hanging from his shoulders. His eyes were fixed on the horizon, ready to do battle with any who dared to cross his path.

    777509 | Card - Ah-Patnar-Unicob

    Gliding through the jungle, his body shimmering with droplets and adorned with mossy stones that seem to enhance its power. Ah-Patnar-Unicob unleashes powerful magic to protect its home.He will knock your socks off if you are not carefull enough.

    777510 | Card - Ixchel

    In the depths of the Temple of Tikal, lurks a massive creature with six spindly legs and a chitinous exoskeleton. Its eyes glow with an eerie purple.Waiting for his next Snack

    777511 | Card - Wrakal

    Wrakal , ancient Guardian of the Secret Temple of Tikal. With his thick Feathers he will cast his Dark Magic.

    Can you survive him or his companions?

    777527 | Card - Phargos

    Deep inside the entity chamber,Phargos and his brother cower, their shimmering scales reflecting the eerie glow of the surrounding crystals, as they guard the powerful entity contained within. Ever-vigilant for any signs of intruders who might seek to steal the entity's power for themselves.

    777528 | Card - Small Drake Zhal

    Zhal is small and sleek,but dont get deceived by his size, with iridescent scales that shimmer in the light. Its eyes are bright and inquisitive, and its wings beat rapidly as it takes flight.

    777529 | Card - Small Drake Phaso

    Phaso is a curious creature, with shimmering scales and bright, curious eyes. Though small in size, its powerful wings and sharp claws make it a formidable opponent in battle.

    777565 | Card - Terpsichore

    Scoundrel looking for help to find a Treasure.

    770176 | Card - Tempest Height Beast Tamer

    The Tempest Height Beast Tamer is a skilled and daring individual who specializes in taming and training wild beast. With a deep understanding of the creatures they work with, they are able to form powerful bonds with their animal companions and unleash devastating attacks on their enemies.

    777327 | Card - Mutated Entling

    The Mutated Entling has a distorted appearance, with twisted branches and gnarled roots sprouting from its bark-like skin. Its elongated limbs make it a formidable opponent to face in battle.

    777329 | Card - Mutated Jyr'na Scout

    Known as a fierce and agile creature with sharp Blade and a Strong Bow. Its mutated abilities allow it to move quickly and stealthily through any terrain, making it a formidable opponent to face in combat.

    777343 | Card - Kadnis

    Kadnis is a mysterious creature with a mesmerizing beauty, as her upper half takes the form of a woman and her lower half consists of delicate flowers. She moves gracefully through the world,waiting for Intruders that want to steal her Beauty

    777544 | Card - Ayam Sound Shell Guardian

    The Ayam Sound Shell Guardian is a towering figure with a muscular physique. Their eyes glint with a fierce determination, and their every movement exudes a sense of power and authority.

    770146 | Card - Giant Needle Cactus

    In the midst of the sandy desert lies a giant cactus, towering over all who dare to cross its path. With sharp, spiky needles and a prickly exterior, it serves as both a natural defense and a source of life-giving water for those who can extract it.

    770147 | Card - Giant Flower Cactus

    The Giant Flower Cactus is a towering plant with long, spiny needles and vibrant Yellow blooms, native to the arid deserts. Its thick trunk and sharp needles provide excellent protection against predators, while its nectar is a favorite treat of small desert creatures.

    777357 | Card - Sandlord Sesphiroth

    The elemental entity comprised mostly of hovering sand particles,Sandlord Spesphiroth, with two glowing eyes and a deep, rumbling voice that echoes throughout the desert. Its powerful sand manipulation abilities make it a formidable opponent to any adventurer who dares to cross its path

    770163 | Card - Fruit Cactus

    Always on Guard,looking for the next watersource to harvest.

    770162 | Card - Flower Cactus

    In the midst of the sand, stands a proud cactus adorned with a vibrant yellow flower atop its head, basking in the sun's warm embrace.

    770164 | Card - Needle Cactus

    With long needles he stands tall in the desert, its prickly exterior serving as both armor and weapon against any would-be attackers.

    777525 | Card - Aimina

    Aimina seems to be composed of whirling winds, her hair and clothes constantly in motion. Her body is illuminated by a bright, ethereal glow that gives her an otherworldly appearance.

    777284 | Card - Flower Fairy

    Little Fairy delicate wings and a shimmering aura, flitting about the forest and spreading joy and cheer wherever she goes.

    777152 | Card - Green Dragonfang Ice Beast

    The Green Dragonfang Ice Beast is a fearsome creature with sharp, jagged scales that shimmer in the light. Its breath is a freezing blast of icy mist, capable of freezing its foes solid.

    777153 | Card - Blue Dragonfang Ice Beast

    A fearsome creature with icy blue scales and razor-sharp fangs, the Blue Dragonfang Ice Beast, preying on unsuspecting travelers and adventurers alike. Its chilling breath can freeze its victims in their tracks, making it a formidable enemy to face in battle.

    777035 | Card - Heimdall

    Heimdall, the vigilant guardian of the Inferno, stands tall with his trusty bear companion by his side. He keeps watch over the treacherous lands, ready to defend his home against any who dare to threaten it.

    If you identify a UFO as a UFO , then it becomes an FO. Unless it has landed , then it is simply an -> O

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    The fifth batch of descriptions has been completed successfully! Participants whose descriptions have been approved can find their names alongside their respective entries in the list below. If your name appears next to one or more approved descriptions, please contact us to claim your prize if you have accumulated 10, 20, or 50 approved descriptions throughout the contest.

    Get ready for 10.03 23:59 CET, when the upcoming batch of monster cards will be updated to include the names of their authors. Please bear in mind that if multiple participants submit descriptions for the same card, our team will review and vote to determine which description will be selected for approval. We wish all participants the best of luck in the competition!

  • 777287 | Card - Iron Beetle:

    Iron Beetles are one of the most resilient insects in the land. Their exoskeletons are so tough that even weapons have a hard time penetrating them. They're often used in battle as mobile shields, absorbing blows meant for their masters.

    777187 | Card - Savage Ostrich:

    Savage Ostriches are a breed of ostriches that have been bred for their aggressive nature. They're often used in battle, as their sharp talons and powerful legs can deliver devastating kicks. However, their uncontrollable temperaments can sometimes make them difficult to control.

    777189 | Card - Golden Ostrich:

    Golden Ostriches are a rare and prized breed of ostriches. Their feathers are a bright, shimmering gold, and their meat is considered a delicacy. They're often kept as a status symbol by the wealthy and powerful.

    777277 | Card - Sick Rabbit:

    Sick Rabbits are unfortunately common in the wild, as they're often preyed upon by larger animals. They're not particularly fast or strong, so they rely on their quick reflexes and agility to avoid danger.

    777278 | Card - Sick Wild Fox:

    Sick Wild Foxes are also common in the wild, as they often scavenge for food in areas inhabited by humans. They're not particularly strong, but they're fast and cunning, able to outsmart their prey with ease.

    777279 | Card - Sick Bear:

    Sick Bears are a rare sight, as bears are typically at the top of the food chain. When a bear does become sick or injured, it's a dangerous situation, as it can become desperate and unpredictable.

    777137 | Card - Fairytale Giant Dragon:

    Fairytale Giant Dragons are mythical creatures that are said to dwell in ancient forests and mountains. They're enormous in size, with powerful wings that can create strong gusts of wind. Their scales are said to be impervious to fire and weapons.

    777150 | Card - Frost Firescale Lizard:

    Frost Firescale Lizards are a rare species of reptiles that have adapted to cold environments. Their bodies are covered in thick, icy scales that protect them from freezing temperatures, and their fiery breath can thaw even the thickest ice.

    777294 | Card - Bee:

    Bees are small, but they play a crucial role in pollinating plants and flowers. They live in organized hives, where they work together to gather nectar and pollen. Despite their small size, they can be dangerous if provoked, as their stingers can deliver painful venom.

    777295 | Card - Neurotic Dog King:
    The Neurotic Dog King was once the beloved pet of a powerful sorcerer. However, the sorcerer's enemies plotted to take him down and they used dark magic to turn the dog against his master. The once loyal and affectionate canine became paranoid and aggressive, convinced that his master was plotting against him.

    777310 | Card - Evil Axe Gang Brawler:

    The Evil Axe Gang is a notorious group of bandits who roam the countryside, terrorizing villages and travelers alike. The Brawler is their most feared member, a hulking brute of a man with a powerful axe and a sadistic streak.

    777311 | Card - Evil Axe Gang Champion:

    The Champion is the leader of the Evil Axe Gang, a cunning and ruthless who rose to power through treachery and deceit. He is known for his mastery of strategy and his ability to manipulate others to his will

    777141 | Card - Small Boar:

    The Small Boar may be small in size, but it is a fierce and tenacious fighter. It is often underestimated by larger predators who think it is an easy meal, only to find themselves on the receiving end of its sharp tusks.

    777151 | Card - Drinking Kobold:

    This particular Kobold has a taste for the finer things in life, and can often be found in taverns and inns, drinking and singing songs with the locals.

    777149 | Card - Intoxicated Kobold:

    The Intoxicated Kobold, and even in his addled state, he can be dangerous if cornered. Most adventurers try to avoid him, as he is known to attack anyone who disturbs his drunken revelries.

    777161 | Card - Farm Ghost:

    A dark presence from the depths of the forest began to haunt the owners of the farm. It would hang around the farm during the night and make horrible noises.

    777164 | Card - Cursed Devil:

    This malevolent creature has lived for centuries by sucking the blood of humans. Once a human, it became a superhuman being after taking its powers from humans.

    777165 | Card - Shadow Ghost:

    This dark presence haunts the village at night, haunting the people's fears. The Shadow Ghost has never been seen in person, but its presence can be recognised by the traces it leaves in the darkness.

    777166 | Card - Skeleton Spearman:

    This terrible creature comes from the darkest corners of the underworld. The Skeleton Spearman stalks humans and does its best to kill them.

    770003 | Card - Taren:

    Taren is a huge, magical bird, full of energy and ambition. He had always dreamed of becoming the greatest warrior in the land and worked tirelessly to realise his dream, but as Taren's power grew, so did his arrogance. He became convinced he was invincible and began to take unnecessary risks in battle.

    771704 | Card - Forsaken Skeleton Mage:

    The Forsaken Skeleton Mage was once a powerful wizard who served the kingdom with honor and distinction. But as he grew older, he became obsessed with the pursuit of immortality. He delved into forbidden magic, seeking to unlock the secrets of eternal life.

    777225 | Card - Icy Elemental:

    The Icy Elemental is a mysterious creature made of pure ice. It is said to have been created by a powerful sorcerer who sought to harness the power of the elements.

    771982 | Card - Kadnis:

    Kadnis was a powerful wizard, revered by many as one of the greatest sorcerers of his time. He lived alone in a tower deep in the wilderness, dedicating himself to the study of magic and the pursuit of knowledge.

    777167 | Card - Treasure Tile:

    Each stone is probably a part of finding the historical treasure, but only the stones marked with the right combination will trigger the opening of a secret mechanism that will reveal the location of the treasure.

    777092 | Card to Element Converter:

    Once upon a time, the greatest scholar of the Realm of Heroes decided to unravel the secret of the elements. After extensive research into the nature, use and manipulation of the elements, he finally made an invention: The Element Converter. This device puts its power at the user's disposal by changing the form of the elements and transforming one element into another. However, the power of this device can only be fully realised when used correctly.

    777093 | Card - Ailes:

    Ailes was a boy born in Varanasta. When it was discovered that he was born with magical powers, Ailes' life changed. Once his talents were discovered, he became one of the best mages in the Kingdom, despite his young age.

    777094 | Card - School of fish:

    They swim in shoals, sometimes forming spectacular landscapes. Some fish have valuable scales or meat, which can be used to produce rare substances, making them of interest to predators.

    777283 | Card - Kokomo:

    In the tropics, there is a unique creature that lives in caves beneath tropical forests. This creature has adapted to the environment and evolved specifically to live in caves, but still possesses powerful attack power.

    777296 | Card - Allana Edwards:

    As the youngest sister in the family, Allana Edwards, like her other siblings, was keen on Martial arts. However, instead of just being an ordinary fighter, she studied to fight at the highest possible level with the ancient recipes she discovered in her family's sacred texts. Now, he teaches these special recipes to other warriors, thus increasing the family's income.

    777297 | Card - Georgina Edwards:

    Georgina Edwards is the most intelligent and strategic sister of the family. By procuring the materials harvested on the island of Atlantis, she provides her family with the opportunity to create specialised weapons that have a worldwide reputation.

    777298 | Card - William Edwards:

    William Edwards is the eldest brother of the family. He is a statistician specialising in the development of the family's warrior equipment. He is also one of the family's bravest and strongest warriors.

    777299 | Card - Robert Edwards:

    Robert Edwards is the most disciplined brother in the family. His task is to design and develop the best armour for other warriors to wear. This task requires the use of special materials harvested in Atlantis. Robert always selects the best materials and produces armour of the highest quality. He can also adjust the various properties of the armour according to the needs of the warriors.

    777300 | Card - Fabio Edwards:

    Fabio Edwards is the oldest brother of the family. He is the one who manages the family's common tasks. Fabio often meets and trains other brothers to adapt to their abilities. He also leads a special team to search for the lost treasures of Atlantis.

    777565 | Card - Terpsichore:

    Dust Devil Canyon was under the control of notorious bandit leader Terpsichore. With years of robbery experience under his belt, Terpsichore and his gang have maintained a reign of fear over the townspeople.

    777120 | Card - Aldo:

    On the Lost Island of Atlantis, deep in the jungle, Aldo the Giant Gorilla ruled over all the ape herds of the region. Aldo was known for never letting any threat to him go unanswered.

    777121 | Card - Falcon:

    The Falcon is famous as a hunter. Thanks to his ability to fly and move quickly, he can easily capture targets. However, what he has discovered in his many hunting adventures is that hunting is not only about survival, but also about not harming nature.

    777122 | Card - Dinosaur:

    The dinosaur is probably one of the largest and most powerful creatures in history. Its enormous size frightens everyone and countless stories are told.

    777123 | Card - Garuda:

    Garuda is the god of birds. According to legend, he was a gigantic bird that passed through the gateway to Atlantis from another dimension. Garuda is known for his fearlessness and loyalty.

    777124 | Card - Cockatoo:

    The cockatoo is known for its quick tongue, intelligence and colourful plumage. For this reason, they are usually kept as pets. However, their natural habitat is tropical forests.

    777125 | Card - Phoenix:

    Long ago, the Phoenix, a mythical bird known as the symbol of the sun, lived on the tops of high mountains. The Phoenix's bright red-orange feathers glowed like fire and represented the rising of the sun.

    777126 | Card - Brown Wolf:

    Deep in the forest, there was a wolf who lived alone. This wolf was in harmony with all the forces of nature and respected all forest dwellers. However, one day when he came out of the forest to hunt, he was captured and held captive by humans.

    777127 | Card - Aguana:

    Aguana is a serpent that lives in the deep waters of Atlantis and is a loyal servant of Aldo. Aldo has placed Aguana under his close protection, and Aguana obeys his orders completely.

    777128 | Card - Hominidae :

    He was Aldo's brother. He fought with Aldo, he had to fight with him too. Gorilla who only appeared when his brother was hurt.

    777129 | Card - Macaca :

    They are one of Aldon's servants and appear in danger against him. Their greatest weakness is Banana, but it is difficult to catch up with them.

    777130 | Card - White Unicorn:

    The White Unicorn was one of the legendary creatures in the city. This pure white horse was considered a symbol of purity, beauty and goodness. People regarded it as a sacred creature and always respected it.

    777132 | Card - Atlas City Guard:

    The Atlas City Guard were the protectors of the city. They worked to ensure that everyone in the city was safe. They were prepared for any danger and their skills kept the people of the city safe.

    777131 | Card - Achilles:

    Achilles is one of the most famous heroes of Atlantis. He is known for his extraordinary strength and courage. But he is best known for his vulnerable right heel. Knowing this weakness, his enemies kill him in battle. But Achilles' heroism and courage are still remembered.

    777133 | Card - Mummy:

    These mummies, which originated in the deep and hidden magras of Atlantis, can be deadly with a single freeze. Mummies are often symbols of great wealth and power and are used in various rituals.

    777350 | Card - Sunken Invader I:

    represents a creature that lives in the depths of the oceans. This creature is equipped with special weapons and tools designed to hunt ships and submarines.

    777351 | Card - Sunken Invader II:

    represents another creature from the depths of the oceans. This creature is known for its massive size and powerful arms. It can easily move over submerged rocks and follows schools of fish to hunt.

  • 777287 | Card - Iron Beetle

    Iron beetles are known for their hard and very resistant wing shells, which give them very good protection against all attacks. These beetle parts are highly sought after as they are used to make shields and pieces of armor.

    777187 | Card - Savage Ostrich

    A very rare species of ostrich, found only in a flock. Beware of their beaks, claws and flapping wings, because they fear no opponent and simply overrun them. No obstacle can withstand this assault.

    777189 | card - Golden Ostrich

    A magically created species of ostrich, named for the golden sheen of its feathers, kings and rulers love to keep it as a display of wealth and power.

    777277 | Card - Sick Rabbit

    A rabbit that has contracted a contagious disease and has lost agility and shyness as a result. It trustingly approaches its hunters, and if they eat the rabbit, they will contract and spread the disease.

    777278 | Card - Sick Wild Fox

    Fox who has become infected. He is easily recognizable by his tameness and his no longer shiny coat and in the late stage of the disease by foaming at the mouth.

    777279 | Card - Sick Bear

    nfected bear that is particularly affected by this disease. Feeling intense pain, he is unpredictable, attacking anything that approaches him with powerful paws and bites.

    777137 | Card - Fairytale Giant Dragon

    Escaped from the fairytale world by powerful magic, these dragons occasionally appear again and again. The flap of their wings knocks down any knight and protects the dragon from attacks. If you manage to do it and capture a dragon scale, you should be granted 3 wishes.

    777150 | Card - Frost Firescale Lizard

    This species of lizard loves a warm and sunny environment and is a very shy animal as it loves to be hunted. It owes its name to its scales, which glow like a frozen lake or like a firestorm, depending on the sunlight.

    777294 | Card - Bee

    Bees live in large communities in their hive and work together to produce honey. When they are looking for food, you can hear their happy humming. Do not get too close to the beehive, because if the bees feel threatened, they will attack the suspected attacker together and their stings are very painful.

    777295 | Card - Neurotic Dog King

    A king transformed into a dog out of revenge, who lived in constant fear that he would be robbed and therefore mistrusted everyone and had the slightest suspicion thrown into prison. Even as he transforms, he suspects danger is everywhere and pounces on even the slightest sound.

    777310 | Card - Evil Axe Gang Brawler

    Member of a gang of highwaymen and thieves who rob and terrorize the people around. The troublemaker is out on behalf of the gang to turn people against each other so that the gang can get easy prey.

    777311 | Card - Evil Axe Gang Champion

    The master of the evil ax gang is notorious for his cruelty. He loves to torment and torture his victims and make them suffer for a long time. When he sees his power threatened, his gang members don't stop there either.

    777141 | Card - Small Boar

    A dwarf form of the pig created through magical experimentation. These pigs are characterized by their aggressiveness and fearlessness and everything that comes near them.

    777151 | Card - Drinking Kobold

    A goblin who has developed a taste for liquor and now wanders from festival to festival to get those drinks and then feel happy.

    777149 | Card - Intoxicated Kobold

    A goblin who has consumed too much wine and mead and is now out of control and suffering from delusions. He sees an attacker in every person and therefore reacts very aggressively.

    777161 | Card - Farm Ghost

    Undead creature from the shadow world frightens the farmers on the farm and makes the fruits and the farm animals sick with its magic.

    777164 | Card - Cursed Devil

    Undead creature summoned by black magicians. Their eyes make your blood run cold and their claws inflict terrible wounds on you.

    777165 | Card - Shadow Ghost

    Magician who cannot die due to his experiments in black magic, but roams the land as an undead and frightens people.

    777166 | Card - Skeleton Spearman

    Spearmen raised from the dead by magic, unable to be vulnerable, making them a difficult opponent to defeat.

    771474 | Card - Kolanda

    Powerful sorceress who devoted herself to fire magic and caused great harm to humans and was banished to the wasteland for this reason.

    770003 | Card - Taren

    Powerful magical bird worshiped as a deity by the Hulus and given offerings to placate them so that they will come to their aid when they are in trouble.

    771704 | Card - Forsaken Skeleton Mage

    A magician who, in search of absolute power over the elements, could not withstand the unleashed forces and now, as an undead, wants to drain the life energy of the living in order to regain his old strength.

    777225 | Card - Icy Elemental

    An elemental made of ice crystals that is formed in the winter storms and which charges these energies in such a way that everything it touches turns to ice.

    771982 | Card - Kadnis

    A fusion of a magician with a plant as a result of a botched experiment, capable of greatly influencing the growth of plants and affecting them.

    777167 | Card - Treasure Tile

    A magic tile used to trigger traps and mechanics, or to open gates. This normally protects escape routes or valuable treasures, but can also be used to defend castles.

    777092 | Card - Element Converter

    A machine built by magicians after many experiments with the help of which it is possible to produce element crystals with the help of pure mental power. However, in order to achieve the best yield, intensive training is required.

    777093 | Card - Ailes

    A boy from Varanas who is fortunate enough to be able to learn the secrets of weapon making from the city's most famous craftsmen.

    777094 | Card - School of Fish

    Schools of fish can be found in all deeper waters, where they are easy to catch for tasty meat.

    777283 | Card - Kokomo

    A creature that is rarely found in the deepest jungles. She avoids every encounter and the legend goes that whoever sees or touches the Kokomo will then be lucky.

    777296 | Card - Allana Edwards

    Allana is the youngest daughter and has learned from the best alchemists and cooks in Varanas and Atlantis and uses the acquired knowledge to produce and sell recipes in order to fill the family coffers.

    777297 | Card - Georgina Edwards

    Georgina is the second oldest child in the family and has traveled a lot with traders in the country, where she got to know the best locations with the most valuable raw materials, with which she now trades vigorously in Atlantis.

    777298 | Card - William Edwards

    The eldest son of the Edwards family, William has studied the magic of support and uses this to sell the heroes potions, scrolls and other useful items that aid the heroes in battle.

    777299 | Card - Robert Edwards

    Robert is the second youngest son in the family and has devoted himself entirely to the manufacture and improvement of weapons and armor. He uses this knowledge to help the heroes improve their equipment and weapons with magical artifacts.

    777300 | Card - Fabio Edwards

    Fabio is the youngest child in the family and has not yet decided on an education and is currently helping the other siblings with their businesses and gets so many tips.

    777565 | Card - Terpsichore (wurde letztens schon beschrieben)

    Feared leader of a gang of thieves at the Kalin Shrine who liked to ambush rich visitors to the shrine to steal their jewelry and money and then use it to support the poor and destitute.

    777120 | Card - Aldo

    A giant monkey lives in the center of the island of Atlantis in his sanctuary. When disturbed by adventurers, he unleashes his wrath and calls upon the island's hordes of monkeys to assist in destroying any threat.

    777121 | Card - Falcon

    Hidden in the island's cliffs are nests of hawks. These magnificent birds are often caught in order to train them to hunt or fight. Fighting falcons are feared for their rapid dive attacks that can hardly be defended against.

    777122 | Card - Dinosaur

    In the dense jungle of Atlantis, some specimens of dinosaurs have survived the ages and cause fear and terror among careless researchers and collectors with their terrible roars.

    777123 | Card - Garuda

    Garuda is a colorful bird that can only be found in the most remote areas of the island, where it is protected from hunters. Its feathers shimmer in all colors and are said to have miraculous healing powers, which is why Garuda is pursued by many hunters and there are only a few specimens of the bird left.

    777124 | Card - Cockatoo

    The cockatoo is a nimble and very docile species of bird that can be trained to do a variety of things quickly. It is often used by thieves who have taught the cockatoo to steal glittering things and thus do not have to put themselves in danger.

    777125 | Card - Phoenix

    The phoenix is a magical bird whose feathers shine and shine like the sun. Since he is burned to ashes by magic at the end of his time and is reborn from these ashes, he is considered a symbol of the cycle of life.

    777126 | Card - Brown Wolf

    The brown wolf is a special breed of wolf trained to protect the gold and diamond mines on the island of Atlantis from robbers and thieves. They are fast and can communicate in a pack, so no one can get past them.

    777127 | Card - Aguana

    The Aguanas are giant venomous snakes found in front of the Aldo Sanctuary. They protect the peace and seclusion. They are dangerous adversaries for anyone who ventures into their habitat.

    777128 | Card - Hominidae

    Hominidae is Aldo's second-in-command, who comes to Aldo's aid whenever Aldo is injured in battle and needs a short rest to regain strength and continue fighting.

    777129 | Card - Macaca

    Macaca are hordes of monkeys that Aldo calls for support when he feels threatened. In their crowd, they are a great danger to any opponent and due to the power of their punches, armor does not last long. Only magic can harm them.

    777130 | Card - White Unicorn

    The unicorn is the symbol of Atlantis. It represents the coexistence and peaceful coexistence of all living beings here. It is respected and protected by everyone.

    777132 | Card - Atlas City Guard

    The city guard of Atlantis is the protection of the city from enemy attacks, but also the guardian of law and order so that the inhabitants can live in freedom and peace.

    777131 | Card - Achilles

    Achilles is one of the famous leaders in Atlantis, known for his fearlessness and skill in battle. Through his understanding of strategy and tactics, he always leads his troops to victory.

    777133 | Card - Mummy

    Mummies are conserved dead, laid to rest in the city's catacombs, but brought back to life by magical underground processes. Care should always be taken when roaming the catacombs, as encountering the mummies is always a matter of life or death.

    777350 | Card - Sunken Invader I

    A submerged creature plagued by constant hunger, it will hunt any living thing to eat to satisfy its hunger.

    777351 | Card - Sunken Invader II

    Another underwater creature that is often mistaken for a snake due to its wriggling movements. She is characterized by great rage for destruction and blows with her powerful tail quickly destroy ships and other buildings.

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    The sixth batch of descriptions has been successfully completed. If your description has been approved, you can find your name alongside the respective monster card names in the list below. If your name appears next to one or more approved descriptions, please contact me to claim your prize if you have accumulated 10, 20, or 50 approved descriptions throughout the contest.

    Furthermore, we want to inform you that the first stage of the monster card description contest has come to an end. We thank all participants for their creativity and enthusiasm!

    However, this does not mean that the contest is over. In the next few weeks, a new stage will begin with new batches of monster cards. So keep your writing skills sharp, as you will have more opportunities to demonstrate your talent.

    Stay tuned for more information on the next stage of the contest in future posts. Thank you all for participating!

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