accepting requests after

  • It was not mentioned in but for me auto-accepting requests (e.g. party invitation or mount-ride invitation from a guild member or a friend) stopped working.

    Any idea how to fix it? For example, in Polish ride invitation is "XXX zaprasza cię do jazdy." The code I had to accept a ride was:

    for n=1,4 do
        if getglobal("StaticPopup"..n):IsVisible() then
            if string.find(getglobal("StaticPopup"..n.."Text"):GetText()," zaprasza cię do jazdy.$")~=nil then

    Anyone knows what needs changing to make it work again??

  • I use this for party invitations:

    local _G = _G;
    local g_AcceptGroup = _G.AcceptGroup;
    local g_StaticPopup_Visible = _G.StaticPopup_Visible;
    -- Calling AcceptGroup() does NOT close the dialog. That must be done "manually".
    local dialog = g_StaticPopup_Visible("PARTY_INVITE") or g_StaticPopup_Visible("HONOR_PARTY_INVITE");
    if (dialog) then    -- This should always be true but check it just in case

    However, I haven't tested if it still works in the current version.

  • I use this and it still works^^

    Its for party invites but others should work the same

    /script StaticPopupDialogs["PARTY_INVITE"].OnShow =function(this) AcceptGroup(); this:Hide() end;

    It's time again for CoA - Chain of Arcadia

  • Laisha's StaticPopupDialogs["PARTY_INVITE"] seems simpler, but I cannot access there "PARTY_INVITE_REQUEST" parameters (to check if sender, _arg1, is friend/guildie etc...). What does StaticPopupDialogs["PARTY_INVITE"] return? I cannot call StaticPopupDialogs["PARTY_INVITE"]:IsVisible() :o

    But using anbubg's _G.StaticPopup_Visible from OnEvent works fine. :)


    AGRRRR: Update: OK, my old code works still too :D I had there 3 conditions: friends, guildies or my other characters -> this last check was done by accessing stripped info from loginxml -> after (disabled autologin2) this info was empty, so requests were not auto-accepted :D