New Guild - Welcome

  • I respectfully understand why selecting members/characters to accept into a guild is important; however, this leaves out those who are not selected due to whatever reason.

    Therefore I would like to create a Guild specifically for those who have no Guild, are new to the game and need some guidance, or are otherwise without a Guild for whatever reason.

    This would be a meeting ground for players to play the game at whatever pace they wish in whatever style they wish. This Guild would be the place to hone Your skills, learn the game, make new friends and so much more!

    If and when You feel like You have outgrown this Guild then You make take Your character(s) onward to further their adventure's; or, stay and help new players learn the things You have. The choice is Your's!

    So why am I telling You all of this? Well because the game requires that (4) players think its a good idea to join a Guild together :) So I need at least (3) more people willing to help Me form this Guild. As far as I know You may leave right afterwards but if You like to help new players or just want a laid back Guild for some alts then You are welcome to stay. :)

    Please add/message/mail in game name: Retired

    Please also reply to this thread if You wish to help the cause.

    ** I pay all cost for Guild formation.


  • Completed.

    All are welcome to join the new Guild: Welcome

    This is a guild for anyone, and You can come and go as You please. Come learn, live, grow, and play with fellow members!

    Message either Cyrus or Deceiver (in game) for fastest response.

    Discord - Ask in game for link (because they expire if not used in 15 mins)

    - Thanks!

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    Changed the title of the thread from “New Guild - Help” to “New Guild - Welcome”.