Weekend Promotion | 13.05.2022

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    Keep an eye out between 13.05.22 15:00 CEST and 16.05.22 06:00 CEST
    for the following items in our
    Weekend Promotion

    High Quality Leather Backpack III-XII

    Proof of Progress

    Old Bag

    Proof of Protection

    Dreamland Pioneer Sigil

    Badge of the Worldwide Fame

    Knowledge Gem

    Sun Jewel - Orion

    Advanced Sun Jewel - Orion

    Sun Jewel - Orion Master

    Moon Jewel - Orion

    Advanced Moon Jewel - Orion

    Moon Jewel - Orion Master

    Star Jewel - Orion

    Advanced Star Jewel - Orion

    Star Jewel - Orion Master

    Nebula Jewel

    Advanced Nebula Jewel

    Master's Nebula Jewel

    Accessory Driller Package

    Armor Driller Package

    Weapon Driller Package

    Back Slot Driller Package

    Grass Creature - Transformation Potion

    Balton- Transformation Potion

    Guard - Transformation Potion

    Poisonous Cliff Worm - Transformation Potion

    Transformation Potion - Zak'vi Servant

    Transformation Potion - Glacial Terror

    Transformation Potion - Penguin

    Transformation Potion - Crystal Guardian

    Tier X Runes