Statement regarding recent DDOS attacks

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    Dear Community,

    as you already know, for the past weeks we've been encountering several waves of DDoS attacks against our systems.

    Due to the nature of such attacks, classic defense measures are incapable of help in such cases.

    Below you can find more detailed information regarding these accidents.

    What happened?

    Both, our game server and web server were targeted.

    It caused disconnect from the game, and taking down all of our websites.

    It was the biggest attack in our datacenter in the last year, with over a 500 Gbit/s traffic (equivalent of ~50M of players).

    Our web traffic exceeded 3M of visits in just one hour.

    How we reacted?

    Our team immediately started taking actions against, and was looking for solutions.

    We were able to mitigate the web services attacks with usage of our partner Cloudflare.

    For the game server, we worked with third party companies specialized in such cases.

    To bring back the gaming experience to our players as soon as possible, we decided to use a temporary solution.

    Since then, we were able to successfully mitigate most of the DDOS attacks without any impact on the game server.

    What's next?

    You may see a captcha sometimes on our websites, we will reduce that in the future.

    We will be working closely with our datacenter to build a custom hardware solution to prevent such attacks in the future.

    For the next 2-3 weeks, you may encounter a slightly higher ping than usual.

    Our target is to make the ping same like before, and the protection should be even better.

    The disconnects may still happen during a DDOS, but this should be less frequently and improve in time.

    We are also working on a compensation plan, to release after that.

    There is so much to come in 2022, and nothing going to stop us from it!

    Our Team thank you for your patience and continued support during the hard times.

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