mass item splitting and tansmutor usage

  • Hi. I have been noticing what a huge waste of time item splitting hundreds or thousands of items is. So is using the transmutor for hundreds or thousands of items. I mean spending hours to all day splitting items and/or transmuting, instead of playing the game.

    Is there any way to implement a mass item split? So if you have 100 items and 50 open backpack spaces, it auto splits one item into each open backpack space and leaves 50 in the bulk item? Same with the transmutor. Placing one item into five slots 1000 times is a huge waste of time that could be more enjoyably spent playing the game. Maybe we could put 50 or 100 of an item into each of the five transmutor spots and do a one click mass transmutation?

    Just an idea. What do others think about this or is there already something available to speed up the item splitting and transmuting process? Thanks.

  • Example being cenedril parts. I have over 1700 pieces of one type of normal cenedril items. Multiply that by 4 different cenedril parts. Then multiply that by three cenedril color types. That's just for normal rarity. How long will it take to item split over 20k parts into single items and then transmute them? Then there's green and blue rarity to do as well, for all three cenedril color types.

    This isn't a complaint in any way. I'm just suggesting a faster method. Thank you.

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    Cenedril parts are already allowing bulk merge, your amounts must be just dividable by needed amounts.

    It is impossible to merge different items at once if they are not related to result.

    If you meant something else please explain bestly in some image or exact item names.


  • Wow, that's a huge time saver. I was splitting each item and manually placing into transmuter.

    A bulk item splitter would be nice. If you have 100 junk items and put it in to disenchant, you get 1 item in return. If you split all 100 and disenchant, you get 100 items in return. Splitting 100 junk items is time consuming.

    Anyway, thank you for showing me the transmutor does do bulk transmutations.

  • If you click on the missing cendril part in the upgrade window, it will auto transmute it if you have the required amount in your bag pack. There is also an add on called Cendril Helper that adds another frame to the AT that lets you select what amount of higher parts you want and auto transmute it if you have the required lower parts.

  • Say you have 100 daggers(projectile) that can't be sold because it's junk. You want to split the 100 into individual pieces so you can disenchant them to get 100 items from disenchantment.

    The item itself is irrelevant. Junk item. Item you don't want. If you disenchant a stack of 100, you get 1 item. If you split it 100 times and disenchant, you get 100 items. Splitting a stack of 100/500/1000 is time consuming. I was just suggesting a faster way to bulk item split.