zBag fix

  • Hey,

    with the new card system, zBag got a bug where he opens the disenchanting window instead of the trashbin/transmutor. I was able to fix the transmutor but not the trashbin because (i think) the trashbin will be replaced with the disenchanting window once you've unlocked it.

    I added a new disenchanting button to the bagframe next to the trashbin (i added the new button instead of replacing the trashbin incase it gets fixed) which will open the disenchant window aswell. Does the exact same like the Skill Disenchanting [540002] but instead of dragging it into your action bar, you have it in zBag.

    (Icon might be changed in the future, but its enough for now)

    As always, if you encounter problems, pm me here or ingame Shinotera

    Best of luck!

    === Changes ===

    + added new button "zBagEnchant" in zBag.xml

    + changed parent of "zBagSort" to "zBagEnchant" instead of "zBagGarbage"

    + added anchor settings for "zBagEnchant" in zBag.lua

  • Another question, is there a trick to get it to save the item filter to not sell certain items?

    I have used the save variable button under minimap, then relogged. They seem to save. But a day or two later when I try to sell it i notice the filter is blank again. Has happened multiple times. The lootomatic filter has never went blank on me.

    Only thing i can think of is i have added new addons after i saved the zbag filter. Would that cause it to remove the entries?