Recent Meta for PvE fullheal (priest/bard)

  • hey there. i havent been playing the game for long time. so i need some intel on A) what class combo provides most heal, buff (full heal, support) theses days and B) which stats to prefer. not sure how to balance spirit, stamina, mp etc... C) some info on most useful skills would be appreciated too, for i guess some been nerved and pushed meanwhile. Any suggestion D) which armorset might be worth upgrading for lvling (upgrading inbetween omw to end content). All ideas will be welcomed and checked to find some i can and wanna play with. just need somewhere to start :D TYVM <3

  • Hi,

    99% of Healer combos Heal enough so that you dont need to worry about picking Highest Healer Class. Highest Patk Buff that a Priest combo can provide is Priest/Scout , for wisdom/dmg buff it is Druid/Scout. So you are probably best of playing what you like most or what benefits the Group the most. My personal favorite is Priest/Mage as he offers a nice ressource generation buff for the whole raid.

    Go full Wisdom , as your Mana and Value of your Patk/dmg buff scale with base wisdom. For balancing mana or other ressources , there are couple options if you really need to. Universal Potion, Phirious Injector or similar help alot.

    C: Usefull skills is imo hard to answer as its sometimes situation depending. Overall Fountain of Mother Earth from Druid or Group Heal from Priest are good Aoe Heal skills. If you look for some niche Healer , i can recommend Warlock/Druid which is mainly Healing with Otherworldy Whisper and is providing really nice group Support.

    D: As atleast in Endgame / close to Endgame , pure Heal Output is not a Big issue but its mostly about how high your dmg or patk buff are , you are on a good way if you can get your Hands on a Red Realm of forgotten Legends Heal Gear which you can upgrade over time to Golden Rarity.


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