Some idea´s!

  • They would like to share some idea´s for new things (outside of Balancing)

    Magical Wardrobe

    - Since i know, that its actually possible to implement Weapons, i would like to see that option on our Server

    - More slots, would like to see more slots on it like 1000 or something like that, my Wardrobe is full since 4(?) Years


    - We got a upgrade for our VN Jewellery set to the HOE set, and later DN set, i would like to see a update for the DN capes too. VN capes also had skills on it

    Minigames like Gobline Mines and Malatina

    I love to do that games, but its became to be useless, even for new players. Maybe start to remake that with better loot to make it worth to run for new players and highend players

    Maybe some of those changes find his way into the game - maybe other players have some nice idea´s :)

    Gratz Itzamna

    PS: Yes... i know... my english is sh....

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    We are not planning Weapon Magical Wardrobe, because there was skin cleaner item introduced.

    We will consider new slots of Magical Wardrobe in future.

    DN Capes were declined as answered in Adding "Active Skills" to DN Capes.

    We have plans to improve some minigames in future.

    For future please write suggestions about different game aspects in separate threads.


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