Beginners guide - healing as a Druid

  • I. Introduction

    In this guide I will show different aspects of the healer classes. Perhaps you could get some tips for different classes and their advantages and disadvantages.

    The following guide is my personal opinion based on my several years of playing a healer. You might have different opinions or made different experience on some points maybe.

    II. Attributes, Stats and Pet

    1. Attributes

    Actually your main attribute is Wisdom. But there are so many different opinions about the main attribute for healers like people playing. In my opinion you have 2 main attributes: Wisdom and Stamina/Defense.

    All healing done below 30.000 Wisdom should be nearly equal like having 30.000 Wisdom. Each Wisdom point beyond 30.000 will increase your healing output by 0,00116668416692917060422573005%. This means with ~115.000 Wisdom your healing output is 100% higher than your healing output with 30.000 Wisdom. And with ~200.000 Wisdom your healing output is 200% higher than with 30.000

    The second attribute Stamina/Defense is also important, because each point Stamina increase your HP by 5 points and your physical defense by 1,59 points. You will need some HP and defense, that you can do your job. More about the job of the healer later in this guide.

    2. Stats

    Because of the different opinions about the main attribute, there are no 6 "Best in Slot" stats in general. It depends on your own preferences.

    I would recommend 3 different builds:

    4 x Wisdom (Wis/Wis/Sta/HP) + 2 x Protector (Sta/Sta/HP/Def).

    4 x Wisdom + 1 Protector + 1 Patience (Sta/Wis/HP/Def).

    Or full wisdom: 5 x Wisdom + 1 x Patience (6 x Wisdom if possible, but it isn't right now)

    For example:


    3. Pet

    I would recommend to use a holy Water elemental pet or the magical Aurora from Itemshop.

    III. Runes

    Weapon Runes

    - Curse a0a9e3866a2fad1e1b1b997dcf596d56.png -> The most important rune! If you upgrade a rune tier, do it for the curse rune first!
    - Burst 3b1d1b2b38bd637fb963c3a727f1c637.png
    - Miracle 1382edbabbc0f134a7a8cdd5912cc887.png
    - Any gear rune of your choice like Dauntlessness 459e061acda9b6cdbbeea5d94e7c8937.png

    General Runes

    There are many different opinions which runes are the best. I would recommend the following 4:

    - Sage 2df7543cdab926ce82bb98b91b36b5e9.png: The rune with the highest Wisdom value
    - Dauntlessness 459e061acda9b6cdbbeea5d94e7c8937.png: Very high Wisdom value and additional physical defense on it.
    - Tyrant 6cbade7ad35f09e29e73de070c72b02b.png: The rune with the highest Stamina value on it.
    - Enchantment 1429cd3285fba27641977b5b2c387c9a.png: Very high Stamina on this rune. An alternative is the Block rune with Stamina and physical defense cfee006e2442ef64926341019cfc1851.png

    IV. Buffood

    Standard buff food

    - Featured Cuisine Delicacy 0b40fa90671081283a303ef929b4c5ff.png (or the cheaper Phirius Token Coin alternative Elegant Cuisine Delicacy 8f0c4c9a42f9583977817db3ebbf56a2.png)
    - Everlasting Love Spiced Juice c01ec93c63f15141fb47366acba4054f.png (or the cheaper Phirius Token Coin alternative Royal Radiance Cocktail 26fcc95eccab1e1ac618332dc5873854.png)
    - Transformation potion with Sta/Wis like Grave Reaper
    - Garlic Bread with Herbs 54b3fb209597c2df6f5d3b79fd0a6e3b.png
    - Garuda Gumbo 1079dcbe6eac1b57373f5e1d4716e19b.png (or the cheaper Vegetable Sandwich 56eb5b121c550126e4dfa2d6665e844c.png)
    - Spicy Kale Chips 3cccef2ba7f1fc2d7ccdf6676f90f82f.png (or the cheaper Moti Blended Sausage caea22fc9314ca3d9c5f17fdafa11e41.png) - I prefer the cheaper one for healer here
    - Surprise Cake 0898f4304b0080299bbffee5d2c98c81.png (or the cheaper Birthday Cake 7390a0a22d283f3bc147ae0752b2194f.png)
    - Egg Rice Dumplings 3fd6a12ce69b5f723b74256cbef96608.png
    - Hero Potion faf7ce47bf40a5f8c1022619dcfafad3.png

    Buff food for special situations

    In some cases you need more cast speed as Druid maybe or some additional immune food:
    - Ancient Spirit Water 984a09e06b215f689a35d4d506cf3ea6.png
    - Elven Mind Flask a19eea55b308a46981cad6c281d55302.png (or the cheaper Arcane Potion 0ddf27ec5d596ae0d0233462af9f628c.png)
    - Laor Forest Tart a4ce05a1280fc58852f3661ae586c944.png (physical immune)
    - Serenstum 3d663a31a6b691691de4f75b9feaddb9.png(magical immune)
    - Experimental Dwarven Ale 1643da6347278ff359cb880e703f00fe.png (for somoe healer class a good food like the Druid/Warrior)

    V. Skills

    Skills that you should level up!

    - Recover 00c78845ee6d9cb66691091704fdaa22.png (your main single target healing skill)
    - Knowledge of Nature 587d29f5f1972bc1c462cb6d1f7d02cd.png: Increases your Wisdom
    - Restore Life 6a83b7a1fd97c38cf3eba0f4b27108bd.png: Should be the last skill to level up, because it is not the main single target heal skill. The main reason using this skill is to get 1 point of Nature Power.
    - Blossoming Life 3de4afb6e1aff6f8368d83c05662bf7c.png: A good heal over time skill
    - Weakening Seed 59eef72f9b7f36240644c0721f0065e6.png: Not a healing skill, but the first of your 3 main support skills
    - Curing Seed f30c44fe044df872d71056c6b2e93175.png: Increasing taken healing of your target
    - Concentration Prayer 91918a6cd78a33251d19bfa449a5de97.png: Increases your and your raid member wisdom and physical and magical damage. The second of your 3 main support skills
    - Pure Healing ff750e276ef736c7f2441e452e1e86a9.png: Increase your healing output
    - Mother Earth's Fountain c24d8198b51b6f3f67e172036d099fa4.png: Your main AOE healing skill for the raid
    - Rock Protection 0f85ad05f6f5d57f3f766aade46cf413.png: Reduces your damage taken significantly for 5 seconds
    - Withering Seed d29503462d07b902eb3336f24663611f.png: Not a healing skill, but the third of your 3 main support skills
    - Body Vitalization 6a2be13a32431b3563a213da85b309d3.png: Depending on your class combination, this skill can also increase the cast speed (Druid/Mage)

    VI. Item Set Skills

    There is no item set skill, that you need to be a healer. But there are some set skills, that are nice to have and makes the game more pleasant for you and your party

    - Heaven and Earth (lvl 99)1aa25dbfa5ec853b26a1e9bd744c936f.png : You can survice a dead character while being in combat!
    - Life Seed (lvl 95) 890b26b1a6772e97db2d151e48a4e937.png: Produces an item in the bag of your target. Upon using the item, the character restore 100% HP. But each character can only possess one seed simultanously.
    - Return of Light (lvl 90) baeda74eac8fcf3cd897b59fe43c5d60.png: Good skill to increase the healing taken of all friendly targets. There is also a lower version of it and easier to get: Lunar Halo (lvl 58) 5ba44ede6bcab825388a23d90b3458ab.png
    - Seed of Resonance lvl(98) 12e623ff509588aef905fd4a5aed984c.png: A skill that you can use on a target. After few seconds all targets in range will receive earth damage and all friendly targets in range will receive healing. The damage and healing depends on the values of the character, which get the Seed of Resonance buff. There is also a lower version which is easier to get: Seed of Destruction (lvl 85) 23c9c90a0672bcb8606eaa562124869a.png. But this will only deal damage to targets in range
    - Half-assimilate (lvl 75) 4248f74103a8d1c33e2147232b60fec6.png: A good skill that absorbs damage of the next attack in the next 6 seconds. Also increase your healing output after the effect by 50% for 5 seconds
    - Forest Worship (lvl 67) daf0be9063ab0df34e6ae6a8f39c40e1.png: Regenerate instantly 3 points of Nature Power. Usefull for fast regenerating points of Nature Power. There is also a lower Version of it and easier to get: Forest Bath 4fef4288a2b812ee52699abf60295a32.png (lvl 55; regenerate 2 points of Nature power)
    - Nature's Cleanse (lvl 104) 05a5e98396006cc2974ff3df7311127b.png: Probably one of the best skills ever for a healer. Removes any bad effect on all friendly targets which are removed if the character dies.
    - Lava Effect (lvl 100) 654aebe9bee7ad91669575e1dfe3589c.png: Removes fear effects of your target. There is also a lower version that is easier to get: Soul Soothe (lvl 65) 703d0f1bcbba7a07b08a9e7a406f9675.png

    VII. Gearing

    You can only wear cloth gear. Be careful, you only need items with "Bonus Heal Points" as attributes on it. All your skills and the healing formula will calculated with the Bonus Heal Points and your Wisdom. Also keep an eye to have additional Magical Crit. Hit Rate on the item. Having both on one item is good. But focus on Bonus Heal Points.

    I would recommend to stat all your gear including the weapon. Tiering the weapon is not necessary for a healer, because the magical damage on a weapon is calculated like Bonus Heal Points, but only half of magical damage are calculated as Bonus Heal Points. That's why you should also stat your weapon and maximize your attributes.

    Best in Slot Gear

    Upper Set: RoFL (Red or Gold)

    Lower Set: RoFL (Red or Gold)

    Jewellery Set: Dalanis Nightmare

    Weapon: 1 handed for all classes except two. 2-handed for some specific classes like Druid/Priest, because this class have skills which require 2h. Both weapons in gold of RoFL.

    Shield/Talisman: Aldo shield, if you don't play a 2-handed classes.

    Budget Gear

    Upper Set: RoFL red or Gorge red

    Lower Set: RoFL red or Gorge red

    Jewellery Set: Dalanis Nightmare

    Weapon: Gorge weapon but same for 1-handed and 2-handed like "Best in Slot Gear"

    Shield/Talisman: Aldo

    Hint: From time to time some players are selling their old gear statted really cheap, because they already finished their new one.

    VIII. How to heal / playstyle as a Druid

    While playing in a group, keep an eye on classes which have skills like "Blood Arrow", which reduces their life every second. Place a heal over time effect "Blossoming Life" 3de4afb6e1aff6f8368d83c05662bf7c.png on those characters, that their life keeps at 95-100% permanently. This is easier with class combinations like Druid/Mage or Druid/Priest, because these classes have raid heal over time effects. In this case you can place such effect on every raidmember with just 1 click and you can concentrate on tank or melee dps.

    Casting your Recover 00c78845ee6d9cb66691091704fdaa22.png on the character with lowest HP. If all characters are full, swap targets for Recover 00c78845ee6d9cb66691091704fdaa22.png to put an additional heal over time effect on several party member. Keep an eye on your group if aoe damage of enemies are existent. If many of the group gets lot of damage, use your "Mother Earth's Fountain" c24d8198b51b6f3f67e172036d099fa4.png to recover all friendly members HP as soon as possible.

    Furthermore if you have a dps in your group who has lower life than all others, give them "Mother Earth's Protection" a7167c9493cdc6b4703e6d5da295a09a.png from time to time to protect them from getting to much damage and dying. Some Druid classes (like Druid/Priest and Druid/Rogue) have skills to recover resources of friendly targets like Mana, Rage or Energy. Use them on your group members to help them with their resource management.

    If you have low life yourself, better stay far behind, that you will not die from an AOE of the enemies. You should not die as the healer! If you have a more defensive gear and more HP and defense values, you could also stay next to the tank and survive any AOE from the enemies. But keep in mind: Don't die! You are the healer!

    Boss - job of the Druid

    Besides healing your job as a Druid is to put your seeds at the boss: "Weakening Seed" 59eef72f9b7f36240644c0721f0065e6.png and "Withering Seed" d29503462d07b902eb3336f24663611f.png. This will reduce the defense values of the boss significantly. Be sure that you have at least 1 point of Nature Power if you use your seed. If you have zero points of Nature Power, the seeds effect will be reduced upon using. All dps will thank you if you do this :)

    The rest is like normal healing while in trash phases. At bosses mostly focus on the tank.

    IX. Addons

    There are 2 Addons that I can recommend. I use one of it for myself

    - GridCliqueIt
    - RaidHeal

    I use RaidHeal. In general I recommend to use an addon, which shows the buffs, debuffs, life- and resource bars of the party and can be customized in size and position. Furthermore such heal addons give you the possibility to heal the targets by just clicking on the character name in the addon. The main advantage for using an addon: Be fast with your healing! If you could be faster without using heal addon, don't use any and vice versa.

    All in all keep in mind your job in the group :)