Class Balance [Patch]

  • Regarding r/wrl:

    This change has some really cool potential

    • Changed Soul Agility to be a permanent buff, to provide up to 24% physical attack depending on amount of focus you have. (4% for every 25 focus)

    However, it seems to me that the focus from white hits will not be practical, especially on quick runs, when there will be a lot of ranged classes. I suggest moving the focus restore to e.g. Warp Wave id: 497 958, it should be much more practical.

    It saddens me that you are so insistent that this class is full single, which in itself create a lot of difficulties.

    I would like to note that at this point this class will not have a single class buff to use, maybe add a skill like Energy Thief on r/s here? Or something similar that will increase focus restoration? Or an extra running buff to keep up with scouts and mages. Or give him a 3/5 min CD buff that will make the hits aoe?

  • it's especially odd to me that they're seen as lower range than a crossbow when you consider that firearms, especially rifles, excel at long range shooting. If you had a small pistol I could understand that. :D

  • Regarding the following "planned change log":

    Reduced Messenger of Light intelligence and light damage gains to 15% from 16%.Just to make sure this class won't get a buff. Right now Messanger of Light increases light damage and magical dmage by 16%. So I hope you mean that the magical damage'll only be increased by 15% and not that, additionaly, int will get a 16% increase as well as magical damage'll get a 1% nerf.Greetings.