Reworked Monster Cards [Patch]

  • I find it weird that you chose to go with 3 whole decks of cards, rather than sticking with just 1 deck of cards but 3 different deck layers. Let me explain (if this has been suggested before, sorry, just consider this post a +1 xD):

    Basically you allow the players to put all the 12 stats on the cards (11 normal stats + the bonus all attributes stat) but force them to only choose 4 stats per deck layer.

    Implementation shouldn't be that difficult, because each deck layer will be just a simple filter where players can filter which 4 stats they want to have in that layer...

    It's still a horrible, expensive solution (unless you make it less expensive & less rng based) but at the very least, people won't have to farm ridiculous amount of cards. You do realize that these cards don't drop easily, right? By the time most people manage to farm just one full deck, they will be grey and in their 80s!

    Not exactly the legacy most people want to leave behind...

  • But then they will need a whole new system to upgrade cards since stones are designed for 4 stats, not 12 :D That's scary xD

    For me just give 3 decks. Make second and third to be rented if you want some diamonds and all cards from first deck (with base atribute, not upgraded or make them clean-empty cards) will go to those new decks. There we can upgrade for second and third class. Stones would be the same as we have now and we don't need to farm the 2500 cards again and again. It's pretty simple tbh, I don't understand why not do it.

  • Also, some thoughts after reading and testing all the changes from my end:

    -> The system as it is is great. Having less stones is awesome and the way you upgrade is cool. And it is content to do. So a big thank you for that!

    Onto the more frustrating parts:

    -> To maximize cards you will need a lot of those "Breakthrough" Stones. And i am talking like around 30-open end for a general card (which most of the new cards in the game are). I got those from my personal green shop actually (despite it being an orange stone) and if it is intended to get them from your green shop every day that is perfect. However i suggest to make the stone give a lot more points to the attributes. For example something like 0.5 to every secondary and 0.3 to every main attribute on a card.

    -> Another very big issue i see is that there are very good ways to farm for green and blue dust but it is very frustrating to farm purple and orange dust. If "Breakthrough" stones are aquired by your green shop, the purple items you need for upgrading should be made available in your blue shopevery day. Or you rethink the whole dust currency and make it only one type of dust or something.


    System: rly cool!

    Breakthrough stones: need a buff!

    Currency farming: needs to be buffed/adjusted!

    ~kind regards Noodlez

  • And how you want to realize multi gear ppl with this system? Like madox said, it is a joke to farm all cards multiple times (and impossible for some cards)

  • Let me sum up my ideas and suggestions for you:

    1) Make it possible to use a card in all 3 decks. -> Possibility to use old cards and new cards alike without making new cards on every class.

    2) Make the process of upgrading less frustrating by giving a huge buff to the Breakthrough stones. -> The way upgrading works in the current system has less rng than before. By buffing the Breakthrough stones the cost and frustration for pushing the cards to maximum value is is lifted by quite a bit.

    3) Rethink/adjust the currencies. Purple and orange dust is a lot harder to come by than green and blue. If all currencies are farmable like green/blue dust or tstones it will become just another thing to do ingame.

    -> With enough changes like these it should be very doable even for multiple classes.

    -->> Rng rly got reduced. I dont think there will ever be a system whithout rng entirely. So making it somewhat enjoyable and doable even for multiple classes should be our goal in my opinion!

    ~kind regards Noodlez

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    Situation with multiple decks, I'll add to this thread the fact that improvements are being made. Once we make a final decision, which will be waiting in one of the next patches, we will provide more information on what this will roughly look like.

    As well as a number of other positive changes that should affect the new card system as a whole.

  • Today I started to upgrade cards after the recent changes and I find that I even like the system apart from these three sets of cards. Probably there will be no person who will collect 2 sets of cards, many of which are unique and hard to get.

    I tried to max out one card to see how much it will cost me and be careful to get these values on this

    I have spent 2,500 diamonds and the card is not maxed out.

    I understand that the server must earn money, the game must earn money, but let's not exaggerate when you can deal with all the cards, the cost of making 1000 cards will be 2,500,000 diamonds. Anyone wondering how you did it? I think this is greatly exaggerated. I understand that some will be able to max the card for 1500 diamonds, others will have to spend 4000 diamonds, it depends on luck, but the prices are still exaggerated. reduce the costs at least ten times which will give you a very large profit anyway. Give the opportunity to use once earned cards in all 3 decks and the system will even be quite nice.

    If something is not understandable, I apologize. My English is not the best.

  • i can pay high price but without RNG if u wanna RNG pls change price


    for me all cards should have all possible stats not only 4

    so 1 complet cards(not 3 like now) with all possible stats

    when i use leather plate and cloth(heal) gear i will use PATT STR DEX STA HP DEFF MDEFF WIS

    upgrae attributts is bad in my opinion only 0.1 attributs and 0.3(patt matt)

    if we can have all possible stats this must be changed also

    for me 0.3 attributs and 0.6 patt/matt will be ok

  • Alternatively, you add a stone that maximizes all the stats on the card for promotion in the item store for about 250-300 diamonds, it would be cool for me. Randomness would have to be obtained the appropriate statistics on the card, but you could maximize them all with one stone

  • The main issue in this thread is the fact that cards are no longer feasible to become all-stat-perfect. The probability for that to happen is astronomical (2 main stats have a 1 in 4.900 chance to come out perfect, 1 in 343.000 with three stats). Throwing this at the massive volume of cards creates the picture that the system is a cash grab, as FOMO hits hard. Rolling just one point lower per stat on 1.000 cards is the equivalent of about half an item missing in terms of stats. It's a massive difference!

    The system has become pretty good, if I am being honest. I've spent about 20k diamonds and gained ~1.000 Strength and about 2.000 pAtk, alongside ~5k life.

    The things that need tweaking now are the roll ranges of stats and a way to aquire currency without as much trash filling the inventory. Here is what I suggest:

    • Remove all the decimal points in the rolls.

    Primary cards (Physical/Magical/Defense) have roll ranges of 1-8.

    There is a 1/70 Chance for a stat on a card to come out perfect. Removing the decimal will increase this chance to 1/7.

    For off-stats (pAtk, Def, mAtk, mDef, Life, Mana) those rolls will come down form 1/450 to 1/45 (or 1/250 to 1/25)

    A perfect card would then still have 1/99.225 chance to come out perfect (1/15.435 for Rouges), instead of a 1/992.250.000 (154.350.000) chance

    • Give us a way to properly deal with the trash of farming


    • Give us a place to ONLY farm card materials

    Both of these options are viable. I would recommend the first one, as it could be as simple as an auto-selling tool included into the travelling merchant, pre-built loot filters for the loot-addon of one's choosing or anything else. The major instances these days already do not drop any trash items, so the exploit of passively gold farming just isn't there.

    Alternatively, a zone or a minigame being reworked to give the materials neccessary would give all players an avenue to farm them directly if they so choose, though they still will be able to buy the materials from other players. There is no downside to this.

    Still: The card system is much better than on release, so actual, good progress has been made here. I truly like the idea, though the amount of randomness should be reduced further - but not on the side of the cards. Influx of materials is the issue now. Rolling the cards is insanely fun (and addicting), so giving us more of that while eliminating the uncool rng-stuff is the best mode of action.